Process Control Regulation Teaching Aids Teaching Equipment Process Control Trainer

Process Control Regulation Teaching Aids Teaching Equipment Process Control Trainer

ZM2113 Process control regulation teaching aids teaching equipment process control trainer for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZM2113 Process Control Regulation Teaching Aids Teaching Equipment Process Control Trainer

I. Basic structure
Training equipment consist of controlled object (stainless steel frame), including power system, water tank, storage tank, pressure transmitter, turbine flowmeter, differential pressure transmitter, orifice flowmeter, Pt100 and K dividing thermocouple, electric control valve and so on, the commonly tools and plant parts and components constitute. Can finish level, pressure, flow, temperature sensors, transmitters, pipe valves and power system installation and debugging operation skills training, design thought is training student’s hand on ability, with the actual installation debugging skills is given priority to, with its focus on training students’ practical ability.

This training device security to meet the automation equipment installation and debugging “, “process instrument installation and maintenance” and “instrument maintenance worker operation training” and so on the course practice teaching needs. The main training for automation, construction, chemical industry, metallurgy industry and so on large and medium-sized enterprises, engaged in automation instrument installation, maintenance, commissioning and industrial automation instrument maintenance work of the technical workers.

II.Basic function
1, Working power supply: single phases, three wires, AC220V, 50Hz

2, Machine capacity: ≤ 3.0 kVA

3, Dimension:1800 x 720 x 1750 mm

III. System features
1. Object system for stainless steel frame, all components are stainless steel and aluminum alloy design.

2. Sensor secondary instrument installation on the object, convenient students in the field each operation.

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