ZM2114 Process Control Trainer Vocational Training Equipment

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ZM2114 Process Control Trainer Vocational Training Equipment
I. Basic structure
In order to improve the theory and hand on technical level and actual operation skills of technical workers, strengthen the workers in the new form under the condition of competition ability to rapidly improve equipment maintenance and repair operator site ability to deal with problems, the enterprise introduced a “process control equipment fault diagnosis and maintenance skills training platform”. This training platform by the controlled object (stainless steel frame) and control system (mesh plate) composition. Controlled object contains a power system, water tank, storage tank, pressure transmitter, turbine flowmeter, variable pressure transmitter, Pt100 and K dividing thermocouple, electric control valve, solenoid valve, piping and valves, etc., The control system consists of stainless steel mesh plate, fault set box, switch power supply, single phase control module, K dividing cold junction compensation device, leakage protector, intelligent instrument and wiring terminal row, etc.
It is suitable for technical schools, vocational schools, colleges, universities, engineer training centers.
II. Basic function
1, Working power supply: single phases, three wires, AC220V, 50Hz
2, Machine capacity: ≤ 3.0 kVA
3, Dimension: 1620×720×1580mm
III. Features
1. Object system for stainless steel frame, all components are stainless steel and aluminum alloy design.
2. Sensor secondary instrument installation on the object, convenient students in the field each operation.

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