ZE3126 Level Liquid Flow Temperature Process Control Trainer Teaching Equipment

ZE3126 Level Liquid Flow Temperature Process Control Trainer Teaching Equipment

ZE3126 Level,Liquid,Flow,Temperature Process Control Trainer. Jinan Should Shine Didactic Equipment Co., Ltd. is company specialized in manufacture and trading Engineering Educational Equipment,Technical Teaching Equipment, Vocational Training Equipment, Didactic Equipment for university,college, technical institution, polytechnics.Should Shine products has been exported to America,Asia,Europe, Africa, Australia.

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ZE3126 Process Control Trainer For Level Liquid Flow Temperature Teaching Equipment

1 Product overview

1.1 Overview

Process control is the abbreviation of automatic control of production process, which is an important part of automation technology. Usually refers to the production process of oil, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, light industry, building materials, nuclear energy, etc. 

In modern industrial production process, process control technology is to achieve optimal technical and economic indicators, improve the economic benefit and labor productivity, improve working conditions, protect the ecological environment plays a more and more important role.

Take key technology and equipment system in process industry automation and information system as the main line, we design advanced process control professional laboratory comprehensive training and teaching equipment, set up the theme of the major laboratory engineering training base.

This training unit’s design is reasonable, with high versatility, not only satisfy university and college industrial automation, automatic control etc. specialized subject of professional courses related to the requirement of experimental teaching, but also suitable for graduate students project topics in the research and development.

This equipment contained four kinds of process control: level, control, temperature control, pressure control and flow Control.

  1. Experiment list

Experiment 1 Liquid level control experiment

Experiment 2 Flow control experiment

Experiment 3 Temperature control experiment

Experiment 4 Pressure control experiment

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