ZM3108 PH/Ration Control Trainer Teaching Equipment

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ZM3108 PH/Ration Control Trainer Teaching Equipment
I. Overview
This pH process control system is based on pH regulation training equipment, it is used for pH control education training. Control inspection system can meet boiler water quality automatic monitoring requirements, real time inspect boiler water PH standard requirements, real time auto test, accurate data collection, send to main control center, set CPU signal, CPU control add water, add acid, add alkali, . Through this system, students can learn boiler water acid- alkali, learn to use switch control value, learn pH control, manual adjust pH value, learn use 3 method adjust pH value.
Training platform through anodic oxidation coating processing, scientific structure, beautiful appearance, the base has the regulator, which height is adjustable, ensure steady, Support surface electrophoresis treatment, Device adopts open mold custom safety electrical cable with connectors, beyond United States military MIL standard and international IEC standard. Hands touch will not get an electric shock. System all parts can resist fluid corrosion Use agitator, accelerate the neutralization process.
To learn students boiler water acid and PH value concept
To learn students add acid and alkali to control pH value.
To learn students pH control method: manual adjust PH value, auto control adjust
pH value.
Learn 3 control pH value method
Learn simple process control system composition
Master simple process control principle

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