Variable slope channel school teaching equipment Hydrodynamics Experiment Apparatus

H12 Variable slope channel school teaching equipment Hydrodynamics Experiment Apparatus for college, vocational training center, university. 

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H12 Variable slope channel school teaching equipment Hydrodynamics Experiment Apparatus

The hydraulic channel EH1000 is a channel with variable slope, and its transparent side walls allow to visualize the flow of the vein.

Educational goals:

Evidence of different flows: uniform, permanent, gradually or abruptly varied.

Identification of different flow: torrential, critical, fluvial

Distribution of speeds in a channel

Chezy, Bazin, Manning-Stricklel Formulas

Flows above different types of thresholds: thin, thick rim, triangular weir.

Flow measurements in a critical section

Torrential – fluvial: the hydraulic jump

Studies of eddy curves

Flow through a Venturi and / or Parshall Flume

Influence of roughness on a flow

Technical description:

The design and design of the EH1000 gives the properties of a uniform channel, ie the rigorous respect of the oven. The length-to-width ratio of the EH1000 classifies it as long. The water circulates in closed circuit.


The EH1000 channel is made of Plexiglas.

Of uniform roughness, it is assembled by a special assembly which ensures parallel walls and a constant section.

The perfect rigidity of the channel is ensured by a Plexiglas box beam. At its endstream, it is based on a manual screw jack that allows a fine adjustment of positive or negative slopes. The water is pumped from the main tank and fed into the canal itself, via a “duckbill” valve, located upstream of the test vein.

The valve “duckbill” makes turbulence, turbulence, vortices and excessive disturbances.

The flow is regulated by a multi-turn manual valve and is measured by an electromagnetic needle flow meter.

The end of the canal ends with a spilling ceiling with a guillotine valve from which the water falls back into the main tank. Due to its configuration, this spillway is still unclogged and provides an essential hydraulic break at the exit of the channel.


The bench consists of:


1 kW stainless steel centrifugal pump

Water tank

Magnetic float needle type flow meter.

2 vernier gauges. 1 pitot tube

1 thin-walled weir with ventilated ply, 2 thick weirs, 1 venturi, 1 vertical guillotine valve, 2 bridge piers, 1 triangular weir and 1 rough bed

optionsLprice didn’t include, if you need, must pay extra price for it)

Parshall Canal, siphon, radial sector valve, inclined sill, weir and ski jump, weir and weir.

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