ZM7108 Hydrostatic Trainer Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipment

ZM7108 Hydrostatic Trainer Technical Training Equipment.Jinan Should Shine Didactic Equipment Co., Ltd. is company specialized in manufacture and trading Vocational Training Equipment,Didactic Equipment,Engineering Educational Equipment,Technical Teaching Equipment,for university,college,technical institution, polytechnics.Should Shine products has been exported to America,Asia,Europe,Africa, Australia.

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ZM7108 Hydrostatic Trainer Technical Training Equipment
Technical data
– power consumption: approx. 250W
– max. flow rate: 9m³/h
– max. head: 7,6m
– power: approx. 65W
– delivery side: 2000mbar
– intake side: 240mbar
3 tanks
Supply tank for water: approx. 55L.
2 areometers with different measuring ranges
Weight: approx. 250kg
Related experiment
– study of buoyancy on a variety of bodies
– study of the density of liquids
– hydrostatic pressure, Pascal’s law
– communicating vessels
– determination of the centre of pressure
– study of surface tensions
– demonstration of capillarity
– Boyle’s law
– study of static and dynamic pressure component in flowing fluid
– learning of various methods of pressure

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