SR-W7 Model Sedimentation Tank Teaching Equipment

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SR-W7 Model Sedimentation Tank Teaching Equipment
Technical specification
A rigid acrylic settling tank of 80L capacity can be fed by a mains water or a slurry supply. Slurry is pumped from a 120L sump tank via a centrifugal pump. A sparging device in the sump tank keeps the slurry in suspension.
Both supplies are fitted with a flow meter. Mains water flow meter range 0.5 – 5.0 litres/min; slurry flow meter range 0 – 2 litres/min.
A dye injection system is incorporated to allow hydraulic tracer and flow visualisation
Measuring flow regimes using a dye tracer and comparison of these with idealised flow models.
Effect of variables such as flow rate and baffle position on flow regimes.
Measurement of sediment removal efficiencies.

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