SR2112S Power Electronics Trainer Didactic Equipment

SR2112S Power Electronics Trainer Didactic Equipment

Power Electronics Trainer Didactic Equipment for college,university,technical institute,vocational schools.

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SR2112S Power Electronics Trainer

1.1 Overview
This training device includes basic devices, power electronics rectifier circuit PWM DC speed regulator, motor control objects, such as through the relevant experiment, can be familiar with silicon controlled rectifier, motor running characteristics, grasp its control principle and control mode, raises the student the corresponding knowledge and skills, suitable for higher vocational colleges, higher technical, secondary vocational school and technical school related professional teaching and skill training evaluation.
1.2 Feature
(1) Training bench with aluminum column frame structure, the power supply built-in integrated installation, safe and convenient to use, is not easy to damage.
(2) unit circuit hanging box configuration are complete, combination use, complete variety of critiquing the training content.
(3) It can be set for an experiment subjects related units hang flexible increase or decrease in the box, in order to meet different user requirements.
(4) Training platform has a good safety protection system.
II Character parameter
(1) Input power: three phase, five wire, 380V±10% 50Hz
(2) Dimension:1600mm×800mm×1800mm
(3) Whole capacity: <2.0KVA
(4) Weight: <100kg
(5) Work condition:
Environment temperature: -10℃~+40℃
Relative humidity: <85%(25℃)

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