ZE2102 Movable Cabinet Teaching Equipment

ZE2102 Movable Cabinet Teaching Equipment. Jinan Should Shine Didactic Equipment Co., Ltd. is company specialized in manufacture and trading Engineering Educational Equipment,Technical Teaching Equipment, Vocational Training Equipment, Didactic Equipment for university,college, technical institution, polytechnics.Should Shine products has been exported to America,Asia,Europe, Africa, Australia.

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ZE2102 Movable Cabinet Teaching Equipment

I. Overview
Motor base (2.5 mm thick plate, black plastic spraying), appearance beautiful and easy. The bottom four only install shockproof pads.
With security experiment terminals, pick up the conversion, convenient method may meet for Y shape or form of accidents. Have the security, easy operation does not damage easily motor characteristics of the terminal.
The United States military standard configuration safety test article 6 line 1 m (safety test plugs φ 4 wiring inserted).
II. Technical parameter
three-phase asynchronous motor starting
with the speed: Y-enables delta
The power rating: PN = 0.25 KW
The rated voltage: UN = 380 V
Rated frequency: FN = frequency 50 Hz
Rated current IN = 0.83 A
Insulation level: grade E
Shell protection level: IP44
The rated speed: 1400 r/min
Extreme number: 4 very
Voltage lasted 1 m not occur breakdown
Cos Φ = 0.7 (no-load)
Normal motor insulation resistance: 500 M Ω
Electrical strength: hot state or temperature rise test, electromotor winding and between cabinet put 1760 V
Clearance and creepage distance: 3.0 mm frequency

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