Primary Electrician Training Device Educational Equipment

Primary Electrician Training Device Educational Equipment

Electrical Training Equipment for university, college, technical institution, vocational training schools.

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ZE4195 Electrician Training Device Educational Equipment

1 Product overview
1.1 Profile
This training device includes a variety of types of basic electrical control device and measurement, through the relevant experiment, can be familiar with lighting circuit, motor control circuit, measuring circuit connection methods, such as to master its control principle and control mode, the corresponding knowledge and skills, suits, higher vocational colleges, secondary vocational schools and vocational school related professional teaching and skills training examination.
1.2 Feature
1. The electrical control line components are installed on the mounting board of the wall board, which is convenient to operate and easy to replace, so as to facilitate the expansion of functions or develop new training; The choice of operation content is typical, practical and scientific.
2. The operating table can be put into use only with the ac power supply of three-phase four-wire;
3. The skills training with the control circuit and the special design of small motor, can simulate the factory in all kinds of electric drive system, can meet the installation, debugging, maintenance electrician, failure analysis and troubleshooting skills training requirements;
4. All the components of the relay contact control line are connected to the terminals via wires. The wiring of the students’ wiring is only needed to protect the components; In practice, the line is used to train the process.
5. The output power have the monitor display and short circuit protection function, when training occurs when wrong operation or caused by wrong wiring short circuit, the device can automatic protection, avoid burning fuse and damage electrical appliances, security training smoothly;
6. The training platform has a good safety protection system. The connection between the practical training circuit and the device power supply is connected through the safety socket and high reliable protective sleeve structure pistol, which is safe and fast.
2 Capacity parameters
(1) Input power: three phases, five wires 380V±10% 60Hz
(2) Dimension: 1600mm×800mm×1500mm
(3) Whole capacity: <1.5KVA
(4) Weight: <150kg
(5) Work condition: environment temperature -10℃~+40℃
relative humidity <85%(25℃)

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