HYDRAULIC BENCH school teaching equipment Hydraulic Training Equipment

ZMH1112 HYDRAULIC BENCH school teaching equipment Hydraulic Training Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZMH1112 HYDRAULIC BENCH school teaching equipment Hydraulic Training Equipment     

Designations and Technical Data:


–      Set of didactic equipment for the study of basic hydraulics, electro-hydraulics, proportional hydraulics and hydraulic regulation.

– Double-sided mobile workstation allows the assembly and operation of individual components without the use of tools (components equipped with quick assembly system)

The workstation must be equipped with:


–     1x Mobile cart on wheels with dimensions ±10:

  • length 1540mm,

.         height 1760mm

.         minimum depth 770mm

–     1x Double-sided plate for easy fixing of dimensioned components

  • length1080 mm minimum

.         depth 680 mm minimum

– 1x double-sided front panel for inserting electrical components

– 2x Fixed cabinet with at least 3 drawers

– 2x Rubber oil drip tray

– 1x Cable guide

– 1x Hose holder

Set of equipment for the study of hydraulics and electro-hydraulics


– 1x 4/2-way valve with manual operation and spring return

– 1x Manually operated 4/3-way valve, Y-center

– 1x 4/3 manually operated dispenser, closed center

– 1x Check valve

– 1x Pilot operated check valve

– 1x Direct operated pressure relief valve

– 1x bi-directional flow restrictor

– 1x one-way flow restrictor

– 2x Double acting cylinders piston diameter 25mm, rod diameter 16mm maximum and a stroke of 200mm minimum

– 1x Mounting kit for cylinder

– 1x Hydraulic motor with torque drainage 60 Nm

– 1x Load weight of 15 kg maximum with mounting adapted to the cylinder delivered assembled in a grid for safety purposes

– 1x hydraulic membrane accumulator with locking diaphragm. 

– 3x Pressure gauge with quick coupling and glycerine bath pressure range 0- 100 bar

– 2x T-distributor with quick coupling

– 1x Shut-off valve

– 2x Module of 3 electrical relays (contacts 3NO-3NC for each relay, coil 24 VDC)

– 1x Module of 3 electric push buttons

– 1x Module of 2 timer relays (2NO-2NC contacts)

– 2x 4/2 monostable electrically driven 4/2 directional control valve (24 VDC coil with excitation indicator light)

– 1x 4/3 spool valve with closed center, electrically controlled (24 VDC coil with excitation indicator light)

– 1x Electronic pressure switch

– 2x Electronic proximity switch

Set of accessories

– 10x Hose with quick couplings, 600 mm

– 6x Hose with quick couplings, 1000 mm

– 4x Hose with quick couplings, 1500 mm

– Set of 4 mm safety laboratory cables (red and blue color) consisting of at least 80 cables

– Power supply unit for mounting frame 220V AC – 24VDC / 10A maximum short-circuit protected.


Hydraulic power unit


– Control unit with integrated circuit breaker and emergency stop

– Single-phase alternating current motor

– Rated voltage: 230 V/50Hz

– Rated power: 1 kW minimum

– Coupled to 2 double pumps (gear or vane pump)

– Flow rate of each pump: 3.5 l/min minimum

– Pressure 50 bar minimum

– Tank capacity 40 Liter minimum with return channel filter.

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