ZMH1106T Transparent Basic Hydraulic Trainer Teaching Equipment

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ZMH1106T Transparent Basic Hydraulic Trainer Teaching Equipment
1.Structure introduction
This system use transparent structure of hydraulic components, composite aluminum tank, oil pipe joints, using the attached tool material, with reference to the experiment instruction, can be convenient for a variety of commonly used hydraulic transmission and control, experiment and test, can let students understand the principle of oil and hydraulic components internal structure and the working process, it is the necessary instrument in hydraulic transmission teaching.
Oil pump motor and adjustment circuit
1. Function introduction
Because of the various oil paths demonstrated in this experiment, the circuit pressure range is large and the flow requirements are inconsistent. Therefore, in order to better meet the experimental demonstration requirements. The pump motor is driven by a small dc shunt motor and a dc motor governor.
2. Technical parameters of dc motor:
Rated current: 2A
Rated power: 400W rated voltage: AC220V.
Speed range: 0 ~ 1500rm.
3. Technical parameters of dc motor regulator:
Input voltage: AC220V.
Output voltage: DC 0 ~ 220V.
4, start the oil pump motor, should be the motor speed control knob counterclockwise to the slowest position, and then start button, and then use the speed needed to spin to speed or oil pressure.
5. It is strictly prohibited to start the oil pump motor and high-speed operation in the condition of no hydraulic oil in the gear pump, suction pipe and oil tank.
6. When starting the motor of oil pump, check whether there is a fault in the experimental oil circuit and whether there is oil leakage.

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