Plate heat exchanger equipment teaching Heat Transfer Laboratory Equipment

SL110.02 Plate heat exchanger equipment teaching Heat Transfer Laboratory Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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SL110.02 Plate heat exchanger equipment teaching Heat Transfer Laboratory Equipment

  1. Description

The key feature of plate heat exchangers is their compact design, in which optimum use is made of all of the material for heat transfer. The pressed in profile on the plates creates narrow flow channels, in which significant turbulence occurs. The turbulent flow allows effective Heat transfer even with low flow rates and also has a self-cleaning effect. Plate heat exchangers are used in the food industry, offshore technology, refrigeration and domestic engineering.

The SL 110.02 is part of a series of units enabling experiments to be performed on different heat exchanger types. The experimental unit is ideally suited for investigating the functioning and behaviour of a plate heat exchanger in operation.

The plates are soldered in such a way that two separate flow channels are The SL 110.02 is connected to the supply unit SL 110 using the quick-release couplings. The separators of the supply unit are used to adjust the flow rates of The supply sensors can be reconnected using quick-release couplings, allowing the flow direction to be reversed. The allowing sensors for measuring the inlSTand outlSTtemperature are located at the supply connections on The SL 110.

During experiments, temperature curves are plotted and displayed graphically.

  1. Technical details


Plate heat exchanger for connection to SL 110

Hot and cold water supply from SL 110

Parallel flow and counterflow operation possible

Six soldered plates

Recording of temperature using SL 110

Technical data

6 plates, stainless steel

Heat transfer surface: 480cm2

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