Mechatronics Training System Vocational Training Equipment Mechatronics Trainer

Mechatronics Training System Vocational Training Equipment Mechatronics Trainer

ZM3109 Mechatronics training system vocational training equipment mechatronics trainer for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZM3109 Mechatronics Training System Vocational Training Equipment Mechatronics Trainer


This equipment is suitable for college, university, technical schools mechatronics training system and maintenance major, mechatronics technology application, electrical run and control, electronics components application and maintenance, automatic control major etc. experiment and hand on ability training.

It’s modern automatic production system, the maximum feature is comprehensive and system .This machine integrated mechanical technology, micro electronic technique, electrician electronics technology, sensor measurement technology, interface technology, information change technology, network com technology, network communication technology and other multi technology etc. It comprehensive applied in real industrial product: production line sensor test, transmission and test, control, actuator and drive mechanism be controlled in micro handling unit.

Program logic controller(PLC) with high anti-interference ability, it’s reliable, high quality price, and good price, cultivate students to learn PLC technology, PLC network technology.

Automatic product line training assessment system is installed in aluminum guide,

include Install material, processing, assembly, transmission, sorting unit ,to fulfill a

training platform for automatic mechanical. System use pneumatic drive technology,

inverter drive technology, step (servo) motor position control etc. technology, system

control method is each working unit with one PLC to control, various PLC use RS485

to control. 

Use modular combination structure, each unit is independent, use standard structure

and drawer to put shelf. With strongly interchangeability, students will get trained

on different combination, such as installation, debug, simulate product line, it’s

appropriate for competition and assessment. 

II.Technical specifications

1.Work power: three phases, five wires, AC 380 V±10% 50 Hz


  1. PC desk dimension:600mm×530mm×1000mm(L×W×H)
  2. Workbench structure: aluminum and steel
  3. Whole capacity power ≤2 KVA
  4. Safety protection: with ground protection, leakage protection, overload protection, over current protection, misoperate protection, safety reach Chinese standard, safety reach Chinese standard.

III.Equipment structure

Automatic product line is installed in aluminum trial, include load unit, process unit,

assembly unit, delivery unit, sorting unit etc. 5 units. 

Every unit is a single system, at the same time, the 5 units are a whole training system. 

In equipment, there are many type of sensors, to judge material movement, position,

color, material etc. 

IV.Training project  

  1. It combines mechanical technology(include pneumatic technology). Sensor

technology , AC motor inverter speed adjustment and step motor drive control, touch screen technology, PLC control and communication network technology, to simulate modern manufacturing process features. 

Load unit installation and debug training

Processing unit installation and debug training

Assembly unit installation and debug training

Sorting unit installation and debug training

Delivery unit installation and debug training

Automatic production line equipment installation and debug training

  1. Whole structure use open structure, it’s easy to disassembly, can change module,

update and it’s flexible. For example, you can

change expand unit

upgrade electric as fieldbus

Position module control servo motor etc. 

3.It can be applied in teaching, to fulfill the following task 

1)pneumatic system installation and debug

This equipment include single out cylinder, rotary cylinder ,pneumatic actuator, single control solenoid directional change valve, double control directional change valve, magnetic switch etc. pneumatic control unit, to fulfill the following pneumatic technology task.

pneumatic direction control circuit installation

pneumatic speed control circuit installation

Swing control circuit installation

pneumatic sequence control circuit installation

pneumatic mechanical arm installation

pneumatic system installation and debug

pneumatic comprehensive design and installation 

2)Electric control circuit installation and PLC program write

Select this PLC module, invert, sensor to fulfill the following PLC applied technology

The connection of control circuit of three-phase motor and reversing andcontrol program edit

The connection of control circuit of three-phase motor control program edit

Motor speed control circuit connect and control program edit

Inverter simulation control connect and control program edit through free port program to realize inverter network control

Use PLC pulse output or position module to control servo motor technology (expand)

Servo motor control circuit connection and parameter setting 

PLC control network control technology 

pneumatic direction control program edit

pneumatic sequence action control program edit

pneumatic mechanical arm control program edit

belt conveyor control program edit

mechatronics training control program edit

Automatic production line control program and write

3)PLC network communication installation .program write and debug :

PLC control technology —485 communication technology program and debug

PLC control technology —fieldbus communication technology program and debug (expand)

4)Mechatronics equipment install and debug project 

Work Use this set equip mechatronics system components, PLC module, inverter and instruction switch, sensor etc. to fulfill the following mechatronics equipment work task 

Gearing coaxiality adjustment

Load unit 

Processing unit Mechanical installation and debug

Assembly unit Mechanical installation and debug

Sorting unit Mechanical installation and debug

Delivery unit Mechanical installation and debug

Automatic product line equipment installation and debug

Remark: equipment include a touch screen, you can control from there, we don’t equip with computer, please order from your local market.

Don’t include training charge. We debug well equipment, and send the whole set. Make training VCD for you.

We don’t send engineers to abroad for training. If you insist training, you can send person to our factory, training is free, but you pay for flights, hotel, food, traffic etc.

Quotation with fine wooden package, CIF to Malaysia, in 20 feet cabinet(the whole cabinet). Insurance 110% of total goods value.

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email.