ZM5105 Fiber Optic Trainer Educational Equipment

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ZM5105 Fiber Optic Trainer Educational Equipment
I. Overview
This trainer enable students do optical fiber transmission system experiment. To learn student components, function, composition, principle, and hand on ability of optical fiber.
This experiment equipment can do audio, video and Reverse digital transmission demonstration on optical transmitter and receiver. It can do various components such as optical distribution frame, optical module, panel installation and usage. It training on optical patchcord test and usage , audio-visual optical transceiver installation, connection and experiment, it do video capture card, decoder, cradle head, connect to camera experiment. It can operate video capture card software operation and training, do various circuit design and connection. To recognize components structure, installation, circuit wire, design and install a easy applied operation system. And training various comprehensive wire system. 1.Work power: single phase three wires 220V±5% 50Hz
2. Whole capacity:<200W
3. Dimension:160×80×190cm3
4. Safety protection: with leakage auto protection and ground protection
5. Fault setting: with fault setting module, do software and hardware setting, hard ware fault setting and remove.

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