SS3105 Automatic Sorting Trainer ASRS Trainer

SS3105 Automatic Sorting Trainer ASRS Trainer

SS3105 Automatic Sorting Trainer ASRS Trainer.

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SS3105 Automatic Sorting Trainer ASRS Trainer
This equipment is the actual automatic warehouse system miniature, the use of PLC (programmable logic controller) control, equipment, the control mechanism and transmission mechanism, steering gear,
Goods and grab the rotation mechanism, and a unit warehouse, in three direction accurate mobile storage, transfer of goods, stacking machine structure, can be used
Manual or automatic two models complete warehousing and outbound operation, perfect actuator can provide modern logistics system to be automatic storage systems all action
Process and the opening of the actuator, according to different control scheme, programming constitute different execution system and adapt to the different levels of personnel
PLC learning and programming. Also can be used as subject design or research use.
This equipment can be in three shaft accurately drive induction motor and cylinder automatic storage or remove already stored product. Can be
Automatic or manual operation. Product is open, can see the overall mechanical structure.
II.Products involved course
Robot technology, sensor technology, automatic device, programmable controller and its application, pneumatic drive and control technology
III.Technical indicators
Dimension: 1200 x 750 x 600mm
Weight: 80kg
Main power supply: AC 220 v
Operating voltage: DC 24 v, 3 A
Handling of compressed air: 5 ~ 6 bar
Electrical logic: PNP or NPN
Storage station: 4 line 5 column
Drive type: shaft drive
Work: a pallet cylinder
IV.Training project
Mechanical parts and pneumatic parts assembly and disassembly
System fault diagnosis and maintenance
Draw the electrical circuit diagram
The application of detection switch
The application of ball screw
2 shaft 3D control system
Position control system
Motor position control experiment
Warehouse access experiment
Cylinder operation experiment
Motor X, Y control test
Digital input and output
DC gear motor control direction
A variety of storage management control situation test
The principle and the use of different sensors
PLC programming experiment
Comprehensive operation experiment
MCGS system configuration
Comprehensive practice experiment

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