Didactic Bench Access Control by Badge With Code school teaching equipment Building Automation Training Equipment

Didactic Bench Access Control by Badge With Code school teaching equipment Building Automation Training Equipment

ZM5123A Didactic Bench Access Control by Badge With Code school teaching equipment Building Automation Training Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZM5123A Didactic Bench Access Control by Badge With Code school teaching equipment Building Automation Training Equipment

  1. Training function

This experimental training device can make students to understand and practice the components, function, composition and principle of the intelligent IC card system.

The experimental device let students carry on the basic functions, demonstration of the intelligent IC card system, the demonstration of button for opening door and unlocking with keys, the operation of adding controllers, communicating the general controller with controllers, department set, user adding, the part of entrance guard, attendance, polling and norm dining, t the access permissions set, the system time calibrating, real-time monitoring, night patrolling system basic information set, collecting data with night patrolling unit, uploading data to the computer, data query of night patrolling unit, the personal button and the address button set, incident set and collecting, bar number set, line set, ordered plan set and implementing, disordered plan set and implementing, days plan set and implementing and data statistics, carry on the identification and installation of components, linking every part through circuit diagram, designing and installing a simple application system and so on.

The experimental device let students carry on the judgment and the disposal of line fault, the judgment and correction of the program set error.

II Technical index

Working voltage: single phase three-wire 220V±5%, 50Hz

Whole machine capacity:<200W

Dimension: 150×70×180cm3

Safety protection: Leakage auto protection device and ground protection

Malfunction setting: It has malfunction setting module which can conduct software setting and malfunction setting and shooting of hardware circuit.

System recovery: It has the function that software can recover quickly

III Training project

Training 1: Know about component, effect, constitute and principle of intelligent e-card system

Training 2: Demonstration training of basic function of intelligent e-card system

Training 3: Demonstration training of door open button and door open key

Training 4: Operation training of adding controller

Training 5: Communication operating training of general console and controller

Training 6: Operation training of section and group setting

Training 7: Operation training of adding user

Training 8: Operation training of entrance guard part

Training 9: Operation training of checking-in part

Training 10: Operation training of polling part

Training 11: Operation training of quota repast part

Training 12: Operation training of access permission setting

Training 13: Operation training of system time calibrating

Training 14: Operation training of real-time monitoring

Training 15: Operation training of basic information setting of patrolling system

Training 16: Operation training of data acquisition with patrolling unit

Training 17: Operation training of uploading acquired data to computer

Training 18: Operation training of consulting data acquired from patrolling unit

Training 19: Operation training of person button and site button setting

Training 20: Operation training of event setting and collecting

Training 21: Operation training of rod number(the rod is for guards petrol in night, every guard has one special rod) setting

Training 22: Circuit setting

Training 23: Setting and implementing with order plan

Training 24: Setting and implementing without order plan

Training 25: Setting and implementing of plan with many days

Training 26: Data statistics

Training 27: Training of judgment and dispose of circuit malfunction

Training 28: Training of judgment and correct of wrong procedure setting

Training 29: Training of connecting each part according to circuit diagram

Training 30: Design and install a simple application system

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