ZM6102 LCD TV Trainer Educational Equipment

ZM6102 LCD TV Trainer Educational Equipment. Jinan Should Shine Didactic Equipment Co., Ltd. is company specialized in manufacture and trading Engineering Educational Equipment,Technical Teaching Equipment,Vocational Training Equipment,Didactic Equipment for university,college,technical institution, polytechnics.Should Shine products has been exported to America,Asia,Europe,Africa, Australia.

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ZM6102 LCD TV Trainer Educational Equipment
I. Overview
This color LCD TV trainer is suitable for “LCD TV maintenance”, “LCD TV fault diagnose”
class. It is suitable for technical school, college, university, engineer training centers, and
technical institute.
1.Control and AC power part
a.Supply single phase, AC power supply, wire direct short circuit auto protection. Current type voltage leakage switch start, and stop button control training workbench work power. With alarm and reset function. With experiment management system, with password management system, start and setting time switch off function.
b.Supply ~220V, plug 2 units, supply external power for instruments.
2. Light tube test high pressure power: equip with digital milliampere meter indicate output current, with open load, short circuit protection function.
3. Other human control program input.
4. Normal color LCD TV signal generator: use large scale program pogic controller with Pixel algorithm high resolution color TV signal source.
With clear photo, sequence accuracy, photo center and frame can be positioned to a
Pixel etc. 35 experiments.

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