6-Axis Collaborative Robot Teaching Equipment Automatic Training Equipment

ZM7103 6-Axis Collaborative Robot Teaching Equipment Automatic Training Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZM7103 6-Axis Collaborative Robot Teaching Equipment Automatic Training Equipment 

6-axis collaborative robot arm

The latest generation 6-axis robot arm does not require any protective encapsulation. The collaborative characteristics of the arm allow safe working without protective measures with the robot. The sensitivity of the force cut-off is adjustable.

The two-finger gripper can be opened and closed gradually and in a targeted manner. Likewise, it is possible to adapt separately to each point of the project the force at which the gripper grips the objects.

Thus, it is possible to carry out many different projects.

The integrated camera system allows the collaborative robot to detect the shape and position of objects and capture them at predefined positions. Depending on the position of the object to be gripped, the robot automatically adapts to the new position.

Equipment set including:

  • Collaborative 6-axis 360 ° robot arm on each axis, with camera and gripper
  • Mechatronic trolley in aluminum profiles for collaborative robot arm on wheels.

Additional control equipment for industrial robot composed of:

  • Power supply for the system.
  • Cable, bolt and accessories
  • IT tools for configuring collaborative robots and its additional equipment
  • Training course materials
  • Library of practical work trainees (software, manual, programming)
  • Software package
  • Operation configuration operation and calibration instructions for the robot.

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