ZE3102 Transformer Training Module Teaching Equipment

ZE3102 Transformer Training Module Teaching Equipment(Training Panel Type). Jinan Should Shine Didactic Equipment Co., Ltd. is company specialized in manufacture and trading Engineering Educational Equipment,Technical Teaching Equipment, Vocational Training Equipment, Didactic Equipment for university,college, technical institution, polytechnics.Should Shine products has been exported to America,Asia,Europe, Africa, Australia.

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ZE3102 Transformer Training Module Teaching Equipment(Training Panel Type)

I. Overview
This training set include various of transformers, students can be familiar with various types of transformers features, control principles, and knowledge through training and experiments. It is suitable for students in vocational schools, technical schools, colleges.
II. Technical parameter
1. Input power: three phases, five wires, 380V±10% 50Hz
2.Dimension: 1600mm×800mm×800mm
3. Whole capacity:<1.5KVA
4, Weight: <100kg
5. Work environment:
6.Relative humidity: <85%(25℃)
III. Feature
Training workbench use aluminum column structure frame, it include meter box and power box to test and measure technical parameter, it is easy to use and it is not easy to be broken.
Equipped with transformers, students can make combination, and finish many training contents and experiments. Training workbench has high safety system.

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