TB-230223-V-027 Grid Tie Solar PV Training Station

TB-230223-V-027 Grid Tie Solar PV Training Station

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TB-230223-V-027 Grid Tie Solar PV Training Station

1 Product Overview 

1.1 Overview

This system can simulate the process of solar power generation, and enable the students to directly recognize the photovoltaic power generation system. And enable students to be familiar with photovoltaic system composition, connection and run principle. To cultivate students to master the corresponding knowledge, technical skills, it is suitable for teaching and training in university, college, technical school, technical institution, higher vocational education, polytechnics.

1.2 Feature

(1) Training workbench adopts aluminum column frame structure, installation type takes measurement meters and load module, training power box is inner integrated installation, there are wheels at the bottom of training workbench, every unit can be flexible move when doing experiment, it is convenient and easy to use, and very durable in use.

(2) Solar energy panel use aluminum frame to fix, it can adjust solar panel angle according to solar ray angle. There are wheels at the bottom of training workbench, every unit can be flexible move when doing experiment, it is convenient and easy to use, and very durable in use.

(3) Equip with full experiment circuit and components, it can combine and do different training content.  

(4) Training workbench is with good safety protection system.  


– Condition: Brand New and Unused

– System consista of 2 sections

Section A

– Mobile work station with an on-grid PV system

1.1 Electrical Balance of system accessories mounted and prewired on perforated metal frame of size 1110mm length and 1650mm height. Panel is mounted to reinforced profile structure comprising a rectangular base of size 800mm by 1180mm using tabular square profile of 40mm and fastened with Swivel casters (4) with 2 locking.

1.2 Pre-mounted trunking and ducting to facilitate wiring and routing of cables- ‘Balance of System Components are pre-mounted on board for Grid-Tie PV system with circuit completely wired and tested.

1.3 Electrical Balance of system must comprise

– DC array Isolator with MC4 connector terminated to receive external solar cable connection to PV Solar Array

– 2 sets of MCBs for DC Array and Controller protection; din mounted with terminal blocks to connect for multi-positive, negative and earth connections.

– MPPT type Charge Controller with provision for DC external loads and connection to inverter

– Grid Tie AC Inverter, MPPT type, with input range of 40V to 124V, output 230V, 50 Hz, type pure sine wave type

– Smart meter unit

– AC Isolator

– AC consumer unit (comprise 40A Isolator, 40A RCB (0.03A trip), 4 number MCBs, 1 AC Surge Supression Device)

– Provision for earthing terminations for both DC and AC connection

All components’ rating selected must comply to approved IEC standard and meeting local regulation on over current and earth protection requirements. Cable provided must be of appropriate color codes and sizes meeting local PV regulation requirement.


Section B

2.1 PV Array with Flood Lighting lamp assembly mounted on firm and steady mobile stand with rectangular base ,680mm width by1100mm length and 1900mm Height, with swivel wheels Swivel casters (4) with 2 locking Lamp assembly requirements

– 4 lamps to produce a simulated 500W/m2 irradiance with set mounted on non-corrosive swivel supports on each side of board

– 4 lamps to be electrically connected to patch panels for easy control on separate lighting set

– Output of lamps. wide focus beam (300W each) to be able to provide

 minimum irradiance of 500 W/m2

2.2 PV Module and array requirement

2.2.1. Four PV Polycrystalline modules pre-mounted and connected with following requirement on each PV module

  • Power = 375 W
  • Voltage = 18V
  • Isc = 18A
  • Voc = 21.2V

2.2.2 Each module to be connected with bypassed diode (accessible) for inspection and with positive and negative terminal terminated in MC 4 connectors and properly labelled terminal wires.

2,2,3 Parallel MC4 connectors with solar wire assemble and MC 4 straight connector assembly to be of sufficient length and number to be able to connect the 4 modules in series or parallel training.

2.2.4 The modules are to be mounted on inclinable plane which is lockable at 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 degrees to horizontal position respectively.

– CE compliant (or equivalent)

– Hard copy or soft copy operation manual in English or Khmer

– Warranty: At least 3 years on parts and service

3.Supplied with English user manual

Supplied with English demo video

Supply free online training for 1 day

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