Laboratory Benches Didactic Equipment Electrical Workbench

ZE0080 Laboratory Benches Didactic Equipment Electrical Workbench for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZE0080 Laboratory Benches Didactic Equipment Electrical Workbench

1500mmx 800mmx 750mm, solid wooden top, K-D metal frame, with 4 drawer, equipped with two 3-phase (4 poles and 5 poles), 380V-16A industrial type and four 230V-16A single phase socket outlets.It is 2 work position for 2 students.

Supply English installation manual.

1- Power box(console) technical file: Main Power Supply for console 3P+N+E, 1xKeySwitch(ON/OFF),

1xEmergency Stop(Push Button), 1xCB-4P-25A, 1xELCB 4P-30mA, 3P-4kVA:5x4mm safety output terminals(w/ 3 Indicator: RED/YELLOW/BLUE) for workstation.

2- Variable AC Voltage Output: 0-220V(2A), 1xFuse protection, 1xSwitch, 2x4mm safety output terminals, 1xE terminal, 1xDigital voltage and Current meter indication for workstation.

3- Variable DC Voltage & Current Output(w/LED): 0-30V(3A), 1xFuse protection, 1xSwitch, 2x4mm safety output terminals, 1xDigital voltage and current meter indication, 1xE Terminal for workstation.

4- Function Generator(w/LED): 1xFuse protection, 1xSwitch, 1xE Terminal, 1xDigital synthetised function generator 3MHz (sine, square, pulse, triangle, TTL) w/ 4xBNC Terminal for workstation. (1xSingle-Pulse Switch, 1xSignle-Pulse Source output socket, Sine-wave output voltage indicator, 1xSine-wave reduction switch,1xSine-wave adjusting switch, 1xRectangular & Triangular & Sine-wave output socket, 1xRectangular wave adjusting switch, 1xFrequency fine adjusting switch, 1xFrequency thick adjusting switch,1xFrequency indicator).

5- Universal Socket out 220V-16A(EU&US-standard type): 2x[2Gang or Double(1p+N+E), 1xCB 2P-16A], 1 for LEFT and 1 Right of the workbench table for workstation.

6-Supply three drawers for put components etc.

7-Supply strengthening treatment, this workbench will not waggle or shake.

8-Catalogues and user manual, ( All in ENGLISH)

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