Electric Skill System equipment teaching Electrical Skills Training

ZE5116T Electric Skill System equipment teaching Electrical Skills Training for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZE5116T Electric Skill System equipment teaching Electrical Skills Training

1 Product overview

1.1 Profile

The bench must be of the didactic type and with industrial equipments on swiveling castors and stabilizing feet.

The bench include an industrial pilot technical system., and combines the characteristics of various kinds of experimental apparatus at domestic  and abroad and design products, apply to the corresponding knowledge and skills, suits, higher vocational colleges, secondary vocational schools, universities, vocational school related professional teaching and skills training examination.

1.2 Character

(1)Training workbench use industrial aluminum column structure frame, it include meter box

and power box to test and measure technical parameter, it is easy to use and it is not easy to

be broken.

(2) Equipped with motors, students can make combination, and finish many training contents.

(3) Training workbench has high safety system.

(4) 4 Wheel at the bottom of workbench, 2 with locker, it is easy to move and fix.

(5) With cabinet at bottom, with locker in cabinet, students can put tools inside.

(6) The structure is flexible, can be disassembly and assembly easily.

2.1 Technical parameter for workbench

(1)  Input power: single phase, three wires, 220V±10% 50Hz

Dimension for industrial console

(3)  Whole capacity:<2.0KVA

(4)  Weight: <200kg

(5)  Work environment:<85% humidity

2.2 Technical data for industrial console
1 Input power: AC380V±5%(three-phase five-wire) 50±1Hz
2 Rating current: 5A
3 Environment temperature: -5℃~40℃ RH: <75% (25℃)
4 External dimension: 750×550×1800mm
5 Weight: 220kg

3 Product consist of

3.1   Power control panel

Power control panel use aluminum structure metal panel, all close type boxes structure

3.2 Training workbench

Training workbench use aluminum structure. There are universal 4 wheels at the bottom of workbench, there are 2 breakers on wheel. The trainer can be moved or stop convenient . The workbench panel thick is 25mm high density substrate , there is high temperature high pressure anti-fire treatment process. It equip with three guide rail type drawer, 2 push and plug cabinet. The structure is sound and reliable, outlook is beautiful.

3.3   Power control panel

(1)Single phase, three wire power input, it has been tested by leakage breaker control, it has

emergency stop button, you can cut off electricity when emergency. 

(2)Control panel has two point type voltage meter, one current meter, one power meter, one

non power meter.

(3)It equipped with indicator, Europe power plug output, safety output sockets.

(4)Inner AC 220V current output, DC 220V wound power, DC 0-220V continuous adjustable DC armature power, with short circuit protection function.


4.Electric Skill System

The bench must be of the didactic type and with industrial equipments on swiveling castors and stabilizing feet.

The bench must include an industrial pilot technical system.

The bench shall include at least:

An electrical cabinet:

. A disconnect switch with external lockable control

. General protection by padlockable circuit-breaker

. The energy distribution per busbars carried by removable screen

. The departures necessary to be specified (according to the proposed operative part) must be consignable and lockable

. The control circuits

. The push buttons

. The door with padlockable handle and mechanical safety switch

. A light column

An operative part:

An industrial system reduces to propose and specify its characteristics and detailed operation by the tenderer

An operator panel

An automation panel:

A computer-automation leash cord.

Programmation software


Electric Skill System

The set of constituents constitutes a didactic bench and not a grouping of modules

The bench must be delivered with a control unit with the necessary communication accessories

To be delivered with

. CD ROM containing any document or computer file used with this educational equipment

. CD ROM including all the practical work related to the control cabinet, automation panel …

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