ZM7127 Study Of A Body Floating Teaching Equipment

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ZM7127 Study Of A Body Floating Teaching Equipment
The device will allow the study of the stability of a body as a floating vessel at the surface
free liquid.
It will allow to study the stability of a pontoon fontion height and horizontal position of its center of gravity.
The bench should allow the following educational farms:
• Study of the influence of the height of center of gravity
• Study of the influence of the horizontal position of the center of gravity
• Comparison between experimental measurements and theory
• Calculation of the heel angle depending on the position of center of gravity
• Research into the behavior of a partially sunken ship.
Required Specifications
• 1 water tank molded plastic 610 x 406 x 127 mm
• 1 pontoon thin sheet metal, rectangular, weighted and equipped with a mast
useful Mast height: 266 mm mobile pontoon weight: 200 g; adjustable weight of the mast: 500g
inclination angle: 8°to each side relative to the vertical
Graduation by 1/2 degree
1 lead wire connected to a mast

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