SSMT109 Hydraulic Excavator Trainer Educational Equipment

SSMT109 Hydraulic Excavator Trainer Educational Equipment. Jinan Should Shine Import And Export Co., Ltd. is company specialized in manufacture and trading Engineering Educational Equipment,Technical Teaching Equipment,Vocational Training Equipment,Didactic Equipment for university,college,technical institution, polytechnics.Should Shine products has been exported to America,Asia,Europe,Africa, Australia.

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SSMT109 Hydraulic Excavator Trainer Educational Equipment
鈥 This trainer can simulate various actions of real excavator working device. The executive components adopted are made of transparent organic glass type hydraulic element and nylon tube, which has the advantage of easy operating and observing. Students can learn the working principle of hydraulic loop and hydraulic components by experiments on this trainer.
鈥 The excavator training device is mainly composed of training table, training frame, hydraulic components, electric appliances control components, programmable logic controller and so on. By using PLC to achieve automatic demonstration function, it can demonstrate different excavating actions according to different PLC commands.
鈥 Safety protections: grounded, lead protection, safety in accordance with related BS standards. Insulated safety sockets, sheathed cables and wires.
鈥 Various hydraulic components working principle learning
鈥 Hydraulic control system principle learning and analysis
鈥 Excavator simulating operation (bucket and bucket rod composite working)
鈥 Excavator rotary operation (swing arm rising / platform rotating)
鈥 Excavator discharging operation (bucket and bucket rod composite working /big arm height adjusting)
鈥 Excavator return operation (platform rotating / swing arm and bucket rod coordinated working)
鈥 PLC instruction programming, ladder diagram learning
鈥 PLC technology application
鈥 Excavator automatic demonstration function
鈥 Hydraulic simulation software
(1) Component introduction function
(2) Connection and operation tips
(3) Actual hydraulic components manual connection function
(4) Automatic hydraulic components connection function
(5) Two-dimensional diagram hydraulic loop dynamic simulation indicating the oil flow direction and process
(6) Two-dimensional diagram hydraulic loop dynamic simulation with stop/start function
(7) Hydraulic loop schematic diagram, component dynamic inner structure display

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