Refrigeration Model Training System Vocational Training Equipment Refrigeration Training Equipment

Refrigeration Model Training System Vocational Training Equipment Refrigeration Training Equipment

TB230329S03 Refrigeration Model Training System Vocational Training  Equipment Refrigeration Training Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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TB230329S03 Refrigeration Model Training System Vocational Training  Equipment Refrigeration Training Equipment


  • Designed for students so that they can acquire scientific and practical knowledge of the operation of the vapor-compression refrigeration cycle
  • This equipment should be manufactured according to the safety standards and the used refrigerant complies with anti-pollution measures


Experimental Capabilities:

  • Studying the refrigerant phases versus pressure and temperature
  • Detecting refrigerant pressures, temperatures and flow rate when the equipment is running
  • Plotting the refrigeration cycle onto the pressure-enthalpy diagram and detecting the specific thermal energy exchanged at the evaporator and at the condenser
  • Studying the operation of a thermostatic valve and of a capillary tube for gas expansion
  • Determining the exchanged thermal power
  • Determining the thermostatic valve superheat
  • Determining the compressor volumetric efficiency
  • Assessing the system E.E.R


Technical Specifications:

  • Steel structure painted with epoxy paint and baked
  • Hermetic compressor with protector
  • Forced-air evaporator and condenser (variable speed)
  • Thermostatic expansion valve and capillary tube for controlling flow rate
  • Liquid separator & dehydrator filter
  • Sight glass & On-off valves
  • Double pressure switch
  • Operating valve for system filling and draining
  • Flowmeter & high and low-pressure gauges
  • 2 electronic thermometers with Pt100 probes to be inserted in various test points arranged along the circuit
  • Wattmeter
  • Thermomagnetic – earth leakage control button
  • Fuses, start button & emergency button


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