Heat exchanger supply unit equipment teaching Heat Transfer Laboratory Equipment

Heat exchanger supply unit equipment teaching Heat Transfer Laboratory Equipment

SL110 Heat exchanger supply unit equipment teaching Heat Transfer Laboratory Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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SL110 Heat exchanger supply unit equipment teaching Heat Transfer Laboratory Equipment


Heat exchangers transfer thermal energy from the flow of one medium to another. The two flows do not come into direct contact with one another. Efficient heat transfer is a prerequisite for economical processes. Therefore, different heat exchanger types are used in practice depending on the requirements.


This experimental unit can be used to investigate and compare different heat exchanger designs. The complete experimental setup consists of two main elements:  SL 110 as supply and control unit and choice of heat exchanger: Tubular heat exchanger ( SL 110.01), plate heat exchanger ( SL 110.02), shell and tube heat exchanger ( SL 110.03) and stirred tank with jacketed vessel and coil ( SL 110.04). Water is used as the medium.


The heat exchanger to be investigated is connected to the supply unit. The hot water flows through the heat exchanger. Part of the thermal energy of the hot water is transferred to the cold water. Reversing the water connections changes the direction of flow and thus allows parallel flow or counter flow operation.


The main function of the  SL 110 is to provide the required cold and hot water circuits. To do this, the supply unit is equipped with a heated tank and pump for the hot water circuit, connections for the cold water circuit and a switch cabinet with displays and controls. A temperature controller controls the hot water temperature. The flow rate in the hot water and cold water circuit is adjusted using valves. The cold water circuit can be fed from the laboratory mains or the  SL 110.20.


The   software consists of a software for data acquisition and an educational software. With explanatory texts and illustrations the educational software significantly aids the understanding of the theoretical principles. With the aid of an authoring system, the teacher can create further exercises.


Sensors record the temperatures and flow rates. The measured values are read from digital displays and can be transmitted simultaneously via USB directly to a PC where they can be analysed using the software.


Technical details


supply unit for heat exchangers

hot water circuit with tank, heater, temperature controller, pump and protection against lack of water

cold water circuit from laboratory mains or water chiller  SL 110.20

temperature controller controls the temperature of hot water

flow adjustable using valves

digital displays for 6 temperature and 2 flow rate sensors

water connections with quick-release couplings

stirring machine connection with speed adjustment ( SL 110.04)

functions of the software: educational software and data acquisition

software for data acquisition via USB under Windows 7, 8.1, 10

Technical data


power consumption: 120W

max. flow rate: 600L/h

max. head: 30m


power output: 3kW

thermostat: 0…70°C

Hot water tank: approx. 10L


Measuring ranges

temperature: 6x 0…100°C

flow rate: 2x 20…250L/h


230V, 50Hz, 1 phase

230V, 60Hz, 1 phase; 230V, 60Hz, 3 phases

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