ZM8120 Jet impact Fluid Experiment Equipment

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ZM8120 Jet impact Fluid Experiment Equipment
This unit must be realized for the study of transformation of the kinetic power into mechanic power, applied either on a flat plate or on a curved one. A weight-bar, placed on precision bearings, must hold the fixed test plate. The bar scale, inlcuding weight, must measure the ket strength. The weight bar must be set to zero by using a spring. The jet must be produced by a transparent container to better the observation of phenomena. The unit also includes flat test plate and curved test plate.
Main guided experiments that can be performed:
1.measurement of jet mpact on flat test plate
2.Measurement of jet inpact on curved test plate
3.Study of flow quantity
Dimensions/l 0.56*0.56*0.8m
Service required: water supply 0-6 bar, 1 l/s and drain

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