Training Kit to study industrial detection sensors and different sensors technologies

Training Kit to study industrial detection sensors and different sensors technologies

ST1126 Training Kit to study industrial detection sensors and different sensors technologies for mechatronics laboratory in college, vocational training centers.

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ST1126 Training Kit to study industrial detection sensors and different sensors technologies


Sensor training equipment is widely applicable, intuitive is strong, the way is flexible, module structure, completely using industrial production actual sensor components, it is training innovation type, open system. It can make students know modern production test and control actual situation at school, through study and actual assembly, development  and design, students can master sensor technology all aspects application technology. It is easy for students start work when go to factory, exposing problems, solve problems, learn more practical knowledge and hand on ability, development thinking, and improve practical ability and actual operation ability, so that students after graduation can directly production practice, shorten the past when they graduate students practical ability weak defect, so as to adapt to requirements of modern measurement and control.

This training system not only for students, but also for industrial electrical, mechanical and electrical integration engineering, electrical and mechanical equipment installation, power electrical and electronic equipment installation, automation processing, regulation and control technology and technical personnel, for machinery manufacturing and electrical engineer training, the process and the process management electrical engineer training is the same.

If there is no sensor, automation production will be very difficult, therefore, sensor technology is main technology to improve productivity .

This sensor training system is designed to make students realize sensor control technology in automation system of importance and learn to select appropriate sensor in application.

Factory sensor training system enable students understand different types of sensor’s working principle and use method.

II.Technical paramter
1.Input power:~220V±10% 50Hz

2.Work environment: temperature -10℃~+40℃  humidity <85%(25℃) 

  1. Whole capacity:<0.2KVA
  2. Weight<150Kg
  3. Safety protection: with voltage leakage protection, current leakage protection, meet national standard.
  4. With frame structure, with cabinet, wheels at the bottom, brake and lockers for wheels.

7.Aluminum base panel


– grooved plat: max dimensions: 80x800x500mm

Equipment to provide:

– grooved plate allow to assemble and disassemble quickly sensors and targets, measure detection distance with graduated scale

– set of position switch allowing the analysis of angular or straight movement detection

– Photo-electric sensors set (dam, reflex, polarized reflex, proximity, proximity with background deleting, optical fibers,…)

Regulated power supply box, supply continuous via potentiometer 0 to 24 V. connection via safety sockets Ø2 and Ø4. Sensor status are visualized by light indicators which present the  real loads of the outputs (100 mA/24V et 20 mA/24V)

– clamps with easy opening and clamping by screw

– enhanced support of the clamps to support also reflectors

– clamp, opening 75, clamping by M12 screw to maintain different targets

– angular cam 15°, 30°, 45°, 90° for test with position switch

– targets set made by steel, aluminum, brass, for inductive sensors

– Reflectors set and cylindrical targets, colored stickers set.

– the kit will be powered by 230V / 50Hz

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