totally equipped training bench for rotating machines by AC current

totally equipped training bench for rotating machines by AC current

ST1108 totally equipped training bench for rotating machines by AC current Didactic Equipment for college, vocational schools, engineering university.

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ST1108 totally equipped training bench for rotating machines by AC current Didactic Equipment

1 product overview

1.1 overview

This practical device includes a variety of types of induction motor and industrial control components, through the relevant experiment, can be familiar with the operation of the ac motor, frequency converter, servo brake characteristic, to master its control principle and control mode, the corresponding knowledge and skills, suits, higher vocational colleges, secondary vocational schools and vocational school related professional teaching and skills training examination.

1.2 features

(1) the actual training platform adopts the frame structure of aluminum profile, with the bottom with the universal wheel, which can be moved flexibly. The measuring instrument and the actual training power supply built-in integration installation, easy to use, not easy to damage.

(2) the motor is fully equipped and can be used in combination to complete a variety of training contents.

(3) the training platform has a good security system.


2 performance parameters

(1) input power: three-phase five-wire system 380V plus or minus 10% 60Hz

(2) external dimension: 1600mm x 800mm x 1750mm

(3) complete machine capacity: < 1.5KVA

(4) weight: < 150kg

(5) working conditions: temperature – 10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ relative humidity < 85% (25 ℃)

3.The bench is equipped by:

  • A group of coupled machines mounted on a same frame composed by:
  • 3phases asynchronous motor with cage 700W at least
  • 3phases synchronous motor
  • A set of load s composed by:
  • Servo-brake operational coupled to the group of machine including a speed sensor and torque sensor
  • Brake resistance with resistance 75Ω, power 2000W at least
  • Training drive unit composed by:
  • Universal inverter for motor (asynchronous and synchronous 3phases), with specific programming
  • Electronic board for data acquisition of measured electrical values (absorbed current, absorbed voltage, excitation current) , mechanical values (torque, speed). This electronic board allows to convert the data to digital values to the universal inverter
  • A selector for the choice type (constant torque, constant speed, linear rharacteristic, …)
  • Potentiometer to vary the load value
  • Inverter for asynchronous motor 3phases power 1500kW at least including:
  • Connection terminal to the network
  • Forward /backward selector
  • Push button run/stop
  • 2 terminal to connect speed sensor
  • 3phase output for connection with motor.
  • Potentiometer to vary the speed value
  1. Complete experiment

(1) universal frequency converter for motor (three-phase synchronous and asynchronous), specific programming experiment

(2) test of servo brake

(3) the potentiometer speed regulation experiment

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