Sprinkler infiltrometer equipment teaching Hydrodynamics Laboratory equipment

Sprinkler infiltrometer equipment teaching Hydrodynamics Laboratory equipment

ZM7310 Sprinkler infiltrometer equipment teaching Hydrodynamics Laboratory equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZM7310 Sprinkler infiltrometer equipment teaching Hydrodynamics Laboratory equipment

  1. Product overview

1.1 Product introduction

  Soil wettability is an important soil quality indicator because it has important agricultural and environmental impacts and is strongly influenced by land management practices. The measurement of soil wettability is generally done through pooled ring infiltration or simulated rainfall, each with specific advantages and disadvantages. It also allows simple and rapid measurement of soil infiltration, as this is an essential behavior for fully estimating spatial and temporal changes in infiltration.

The spray osmometer consists of a portable rainfall simulator, and is equipped with a 200 mm inner diameter infiltration ring, and uses simulated rainfall within a predetermined rate range. The instrument allows the determination of several important soil hydrological properties: time-runoff, adsorption and field saturation, permeability.

1.2 Product composition

1 Rubber tube 2 Small analog rainfall device 3 Capillary tube 4 Water outlet 5 Permeation ring

1.3 Features

The transparent material of the simulator makes it easy to observe the water level.

There are 98 elbows installed at the bottom to slow down the water flow and simulate the dripping state.

The translucent plastic beaker and measuring cylinder make it easy to observe the amount of water discharged.

1.4 Performance parameters

Dimensions: 250mm*250mm*450mm

Weight: <15kg

Elbow drip aperture: 1mm

1.5 Completable training projects

Soil penetration test

1.6 Matters needing attention (operating conditions)

(1) Before the experiment, check whether there is any blockage or debris in the simulated dripping pipe, and perform the experiment after cleaning.

(2) Before the experiment, fill the simulator with cold water so that the water level cannot easily exceed 2/3.

(3) During the experiment, the height of the liquid level should be observed more, and in a period of time, the height of the liquid level should be recorded.

  1. experiment content

2.1 Experimental purpose

Understand the permeability of soil per unit area

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