ZMP2104 PLC Electric Pneumatic Training Workbench Double Sides

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ZMP2104 PLC Electric Pneumatic Training Workbench Double Sides
Training equipment adapt PLC control, it take advantage of the connecting of PLC control system and computer, it can be used for PLC instruction programming, ladder diagram program, PLC control application, computer communication, online debugging and other experiment function. It is the perfect combination of pneumatic technology and PLC control technology.
Main characteristic:
1. Workbench adapt double side structure, two group students can carry out experiment at the meantime, it has high product performance cost ratio.
2. Modularization structure design, easy to set up experiment, each pneumatic component are independent module, it is equipped with convenient installed baseboard, it can carry out experiment on the universal aluminium alloy profile, assemble various experiment circuit, easy to operation.
3. Reliable attachment joint, easy to installation and connection, it can save time.
4. Standard Industrial components, performance reliable, safety.
5. Low noise working pump station: it provide a quiet experiment environment. (noise<60db)
Experiment project:
1. Pneumatic component function demonstrative experiment
2. Common pneumatic circuit demonstrative experiment
1)The direction changing circuit of single-acting cylinder
2)The direction changing circuit of double-acting cylinder
3)The speed regulating loop of single-acting cylinder( single side,double side)
4)The speed regulating loop of double-acting cylinder(inlet speed regulation, outlet speed regulation)
5)Speed changeover circuit
6)Cache circuit
7)Interlocking circuit
9)Relief circuit
10)Single cylinder single reciprocate control circuit
11)Single cylinder continuous reciprocate control circuit
12)Double cylinder sequeunt circuit using stroke valve
13)Double cylinder sequeunt circuit using electrical switch( magnet switch, proximity switch )
14)Three cylinder linkage circuit
15)Periodic weight control circuit
16 ) Low pressure conversion circuit
17)Counting circuit
18)Delay circuit
19)logic valve application circuit
20)Bimanualness circuit
3. Programmable controller (PLC)electrical control experiment: mechanical-electrical-pneumatic integrated control experiment
1)The learning of PLC instruction programming, ladder diagram program
2)The learning and application of PLC programming software
3)PLC and the communication and online debugging of computer
4)PLC and pneumatic combination control experiment
4. Student design by themselves, assembled extended circuit experiment ( it can extend to 80 kinds )

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