ZM7115 Energy Losses in Piping System Educational Equipment

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ZM7115 Energy Losses in Piping System Educational Equipment
Technical data
Pipe section to hold fittings or measuring objects , PVC
Pipe sections, PVC
– sudden contraction:, PVC
– sudden enlargement: PVC
– with 2x Y-piece 45° and 2x T-piece
– with 2x 90° elbow/bend: d=20×1,5mm, PVC and
2x 45° elbow: d=20×1,5mm, PVC
2x twin tube manometers: 0…1000mmWC
Weight: approx. 58kg
Remark: don’t contain water source, if add, price will change.
Related experiment
– pressure losses in pipes, piping elements and fittings
– how the flow velocity affects the pressure loss
– determining resistance coefficients
– opening characteristics of angle seat valve and gate valve
– familiarisation with various measuring objects for determining flow rate:
* Venturi nozzle
* orifice plate flow meter and measuring nozzle

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