ZM6164 Refrigerator Double Door Domestic Training Model

ZM6164 Refrigerator Double Door Domestic Training Model. Jinan Should Shine Import And Export Co., Ltd. is company specialized in manufacture and trading Fluid Lab Equipment,air conditioner trainer, refrigeration trainer, Thermal Lab Equipment, Vocational Training Equipment,Didactic Equipment,Engineering Educational Equipment,Technical Teaching Equipment,for university,college,technical institution, polytechnics.Should Shine products has been exported to America,Asia,Europe,Africa, Australia.

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ZM6164 Refrigerator Double Door Domestic Training Model

Picture is only for reference, we supply as technical data

I Introduction
The equipment is designed to allow students to see in detail the operation of a 2-door domestic refrigerator. It is mounted on wheels and it uses refrigerant environment friendly R134a.
Single phase, three wires, 220-240V,50Hz
2 instaled doors and multi box system shelves
Total capacity 200-250 lt
Simulators with 10 fauls and 10 test point
To be supplied completely with all necesaries to intall& operate. With English user manual, English installation manual.
Aluminum( which is better than steel), corrosion resistant outer casting stand

II Training Program
Domestic refrigerator operation analysis
On – off regulation the refrigerated room thermostat
Evaluation of the cycle pressures and of the corresponding evaporation condensation temperatures
Drawing of the cycle on the pressure enthalpy diagram
Evaluation of the specific energy exchanged at the evaporator and at the condenser
Simulator with 10 faults and 10 test point(with 10 electrical faults, evap.cond. ,thermalstat,, H&L pressure switch, sensor etc.)

Supplied with:
English General Refrigeration Manual
English Experimental Handbook

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