ZM6153 Assembly Maintenance Exercise Refrigeration Technical Training Equipment

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ZM6153 Assembly Maintenance Exercise Refrigeration Technical Training Equipment

Technical Description
Using trainees can learn working within a complex project. This involves the planning,implementation and checking of processes related to assembly, commissioning and maintenance. The assembly relates to refrigeration installation:
installation of the LP and HP pressure switches, the expansion valve and the pipework of the refrigeration circuit. The pipe joints are not soldered but bolted. The electrotechnical installation includes the wiring and connection of all units and switching elements.
For assembly the tool set , for commissioning the system the filling and evacuation equipment are required.
The fully assembled system represents a fully functional, temperature-controlled refrigeration system with refrigeration chamber and electrical thermostat. Repeated assembly and disassembly are possible.
The experiment is arranged on a workbench with drawers for storing the components and tools.
Assembly panel and refrigeration chamber are mounted on a frame. Frame, condensing unit and switch cabinet are bolted permanently to the working
surface. The refrigeration and electrical components are attached to the aluminium assembly panel.
The well-structured instructional material sets out the fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the exercises.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
– reading and understanding technical documentation
– planning and executing assembly steps and processes
– making pipe joints in accordance with a system diagram
– carrying out electrical installation in accordance with a circuit diagram
– commissioning and checking the refrigeration system after successful assembly (in conjunction with )
– familiarisation with the function of a refrigeration system as a system and its components as system components
– fault analysis: fault finding, fault evaluation and repair
– planning, executing and evaluating maintenance processes
In conjunction with
– evacuating and filling refrigeration systems

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