ZM3101F Refrigeration Trainer Educational Equipment

ZM3101F Refrigeration Trainer Educational Equipment. Jinan Should Shine Didactic Equipment Co., Ltd. is company specialized in manufacture and trading Fluid Lab Equipment, Thermal Lab Equipment, Vocational Training Equipment,Didactic Equipment,Engineering Educational Equipment,Technical Teaching Equipment,for university,college,technical institution, polytechnics.Should Shine products has been exported to America,Asia,Europe,Africa, Australia.

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ZM3101F Refrigeration Trainer Educational Equipment
1.Product introduction
Because of the different configuration and product upgrade ,etc ,the actual products and
images may be different ,for reference only.
Air conditioning training and testing trainer is suitable for the relevant training teaching of higher vocational colleges and secondary vocational school ,cultivate the applied talents of master the professional theory knowledge and professional practice skills.
2 Product characteristic
Experiment table adapt the structure of floor stand type ,electrical and refrigeration are separate, using household wall-mountable entity air-conditioning , electrical and refrigeration components has been split visual and increase the necessary electrical status indicators and refrigeration devices, it’s will facilitate the students to observe clearly and understand the working principle of air conditioning , the front panel with air conditioning main electrical schematic diagram, and set up the indicator and test hole, screen printing picture with refrigeration system flow diagram , it’s easy to student understanding and teacher teaching .
3.Product content
This trainer is composed of training table ,air conditioning machine unit ,measuring meter control panel unit ,analog fault detection unit ,Cooling system pressure detection unit ,etc.
1)Training table :training table adapt the structure of floor stand type ,device layout is reasonable ,it will convention for the teacher study and teaching .
2)Air conditioning machine unit :it’s composed of all the required component of Heat pump fission air conditioning ,for example ,indoor unit ( evaporator),outdoor unit (condenser ,compressor, four-way valve) etc, and pipe and system are equipped with control valve ,level glass ,sensor and plastic bucket for water ,etc component .
3)Measuring meter control panel unit :single phase ,three-wire 220V AC supply power ,1 AC voltmeter, measuring range :0-10A.Used for observation system starting current and monitoring system normal working current , and set up a signal indicator lights ,temperature measuring instrument ,air switch, key switch, safety device, test hole, outdoor unit connection area and circuit and cooling system pipe silk-screen printing diagram, etc. on the front panel ,panel with temperature detecting unit: provide four thermometer, adapt PT100 sensors, three half digital display , measure the air inlet temperature and outlet temperature, condenser temperature and evaporator temperature respectively.
4)Cooling system pressure detection unit : provide 2 vacuum pressure gauge, measuring

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