ZE3316 Electronic Process Technology Trainer Educational Equipment Didactic Equipment

ZE3316 Electronic Process Technology Trainer Educational Equipment Didactic Equipment

ZE3316 Electronic Process Technology Trainer Educational Equipment Didactic Equipment 

It’s electrical circuit training panel for electrical department in university, college, and vocational school. 

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ZE3316 Electronic Process Technology Trainer Educational Equipment Didactic Equipment 

1 Product overview

1-1 Overview

  1. This product integrates digital circuit and analog circuit training system, which can carry out analog circuit related test and digital circuit test.
  2. This product is designed with regulated power supply, AC low voltage current, frequency generator, buzzer, multi-socket, voltage regulator, etc., which provides abundant resources for measurement, debugging and new product development of electronic products.

1-2 Features

  1. The equipment adopts a special plug, which is convenient for students to quickly set up the experimental circuit to complete the test.

2, through the use of a variety of electronic components and assembly tools, not only can exercise students’ assembly and debugging capabilities, but also can exercise students’ curriculum design, graduation design, skill competition and other secondary development capabilities.

2 Performance parameters

(1) Input power: three-phase five-wire system 380V±10% 60Hz

(2) Dimensions: 1300mm × 650mm × 1500mm

(3) Machine capacity: <2KVA

(4) Weight: <250kg

(5) Working conditions: ambient temperature -10 ° C ~ +40 ° C Relative humidity <85% (25 ° C)

4 Experiment list

Digital circuit part

Experiment 1 Transistor Switching Characteristics, Limiter and Clamp

Experiment 2 Logic function and parameter test of TTL integrated logic gate

Experiment 3 Logic function and parameter test of CMOS integrated logic gate

Experiment 4 Connection and drive of integrated logic circuits

Experiment 5 Design and test of combinatorial logic circuit

Experiment 6 Decoder and its application

Experiment 7 Data Selector and Its Application

Experiment 8 Trigger and its application

Experiment 9 Counter and its application

Experiment 10 Shift register and its application

Experiment 11 Pulse Distributor and Its Application

Experiment 12: Using a gate circuit to generate a pulse signal—self-excited multivibrator

Experiment 13 Monostable Trigger and Schmitt Trigger—Pulse Delay and Waveform Shaping Circuit

Experiment 14 555 time base circuit and its application

Experiment 15 D/A. A/D converter

Experiment 16

Experiment seventeen electronic stopwatch

Experiment 18 3-bit DC digital voltmeter

Experiment 19 Digital Frequency Meter

Analog electronic tester

Experiment 1 Use of commonly used electronic instruments

Experiment 2 Simple test of diode

Experiment 3 Experiment of input and output characteristics of crystal triode

Experiment 4 Single-stage amplifier circuit

Experiment 5 two-stage amplification circuit

Experiment 6 Negative feedback amplifier circuit

Experiment 7 emitter follower

Experiment 8 Differential Amplifying Circuit

Experiment 9 FET amplifier

Experiment 10 RC sine wave oscillation circuit

Experiment 11 LC oscillator and frequency selective amplifier

Experiment 12 Basic parameter test of integrated operational amplifier

Experiment 13 Integrated Operational Amplitude Proportional Operation Circuit

Experiment 14 Integration and differential circuits of integrated op amps

Experiment 15 Voltage Comparator Circuit of Integrated Op Amp

Experiment 16 Waveform Generator

Experiment 17 Active Filter

Experiment 18 Integrated Power Amplifier

Experiment 19 Complementary Symmetrical Power Amplifier

Experiment 20 Integrated Voltage Regulator

Experiment 21 series voltage regulator circuit

Experiment 22: Thyristor controllable rectifier circuit

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