ZE3131 Electronics Circuit Trainer Educational Equipment

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ZE3131 Electronics Circuit Trainer Educational Equipment
I. Overview
This trainer includes various electronic circuit modules. With related experiment, you can be familiar with characteristic of various electronic circuits, and you can master its control principle and way, it trains students to master corresponding knowledge and skills, it is suitable for higher vocational education, college, secondary vocational school and technician training school to conduct related major teaching and skills training test.
II. Experiment content
a) Basic Electronic Circuits Module:
▪ Diode and Transistor Switch
▪ Voltage Follower and Comparator
▪ Zero Crossing Detector
▪ Photoelectric Controller
b) Digital Circuits Module:
▪ BCD Adder and Sub –tractor
▪ Mono-stable and Alarm Circuit
▪ Touch Switch and 4518 Counter
c) Signal Process Circuits Module:
▪ R-2R Ladder Network
▪ A/D and D/A Converter
▪ Low-pass, High pass, Band pass and Band stop Filter
d) LED & Transistor Application Circuits Module:
▪ Electrons Competition – answer Machine
▪ Basic Remote Lamp Controller (DC)
▪ Remote Lamp Controller (AC)
▪ Electronic Wheel amusement Machine

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