Working Bench For Electromechanical Training Teaching Equipment Electrical Automatic Trainer

Working Bench For Electromechanical Training Teaching Equipment Electrical Automatic Trainer

ZE3704 Working Bench For Electromechanical Training Teaching Equipment Electrical Automatic Trainer for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZE3704 Working Bench For Electromechanical Training Teaching Equipment Electrical Automatic Trainer

1.1 Overview

This training device includes various types of motor, capacitor, inductor, capacitor and other modules. Through related experiments, you can familiarize with and control the principles and control methods of motor control, and cultivate students’ corresponding knowledge and skills. Assessment of teaching and skills training in secondary vocational schools and technical schools.

1.2 Features

(1) The training device adopts an aluminum column frame structure, and the power supply is integrated and installed.

(2) The unit circuit hanging box is fully configured and can be used in combination to complete the training content of various courses.

(3) The relevant units can be flexibly added to or deleted from the experimental subjects to meet the needs of different users.

(4) The device has a good safety protection system.

2 Performance parameters

(1) Input power: three-phase five-wire AC208V ± 10% 60Hz

(2) Overall dimensions: 1200mm × 800mm × 400mm

(3) Machine capacity: 0.2KVA

(4) Weight: <280kg

(5) Working conditions:

Ambient temperature -10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃

Relative humidity < 85% (25 ℃)

3 Product composition

3.1 Power control screen

The power control screen uses an aluminum alloy profile panel, a closed box structure, and is connected to the lower rack as a whole. The upper part is fixed with an aluminum alloy beam that suspends the mobile box.

3.2 Power Box

(1) The three-phase five-wire power input is controlled by the leakage circuit breaker and is equipped with an emergency stop control button. In an emergency, the emergency stop button is pressed to cut off the power supply.

(3) Equipped with power indicator, power output socket and safety power output terminal.

(4) Built-in AC208V and AC120V AC power supply, all power supplies have short-circuit protection.

3.3 Main supporting experimental hanging boxes and devices

(1) 3 contactor boxes

(2) 1 thermal relay box

(3) 1 thyristor box

(4) 1 button hanging box

(5) 1 dynamometer

(6) 1 DC motor

(7) 1 three-phase squirrel cage AC asynchronous motor

(8) 1 universal motor

(9) 1 synchronous generator

(10) Single-phase motor

(11) One three-phase transformer

(12) Hanging box for voltage and ammeter

(13) Torque, speed, power display instrument hanging box

(14) One capacitor module

(15) 1 resistance module

(16) One inductance module

(17) 1 set of data acquisition software

(18) WINCC software 1

(19) 30 pieces of 4mm safety electrical connection cable

4 Can complete experimental training projects

  1. General Motor Control Circuit Training Project:

General motor awareness experiment

Experiment of jogging control for AC power of general motor

Experiment of AC self-locking control circuit for universal motor

Experiment of jogging control of DC power supply for general motor

Jog control experiment of universal motor DC power supply

  1. Synchronous generator control circuit training project:

Awareness experiment of synchronous generator

Synchronous generator power generation experiment

Experiment on control circuit of synchronous generator

  1. Single-phase motor control circuit training project:

Recognition experiment of single-phase motor

Control experiment of single-phase motor

  1. Three-phase squirrel-cage motor control circuit training project:

Three-phase motor jog control circuit

Experiment of self-locking control circuit of three-phase motor

Experiment of three-phase motor forward and reverse control circuit

Experiment of starting control circuit of motor star delta

  1. Motor torque measurement items:

Acquisition experiment of motor torque measuring instrument

Acquisition experiment of motor torque measurement software

  1. Three-phase transformer training project:

Understanding experiment of three-phase transformer

Three-phase transformer operation experiment

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