Water Chiller teaching aid equipment Thermal Educational Equipment

SR3019 Water Chiller teaching aid equipment Thermal Educational Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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SR3019 Water Chiller teaching aid equipment Thermal Educational Equipment

The unit shall perform the following experiments and investigations:


[1]water chiller

[2]main components: refrigeration unit to chill water, water tank, circulating pump

[3]electronic controller for water temperature

[4]connection to the base units using hoses with rapid action couplings

[5] refrigerant R22a, environmentally friendly

Technical Data Centrifugal pump

max. flow rate: 600L/h

max. head: 30m

power consumption: 120W Refrigeration system

refrigeration capacity: 833W at -10/32°C

power consumption: 367W Tank: 15L

Dimensions and Weight LxWxH: 1000x630x530mm Weight: approx. 76kg

Material of construction: stainless steel

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