Vapor-Compression Refrigeration Unit Teaching Equipment Refrigerator Training Equipment

Vapor-Compression Refrigeration Unit Teaching Equipment Refrigerator Training Equipment

ZM7157 Vapor-Compression Refrigeration Unit Teaching Equipment Refrigerator Training Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZM7157 Vapor-Compression Refrigeration Unit Teaching Equipment Refrigerator Training Equipment

Complete refrigeration system allowing demonstration of the vapor-compression refrigeration cycle

Fully instrumented to allow complete analysis of the processes involved and calculation of the changes in performance with operating conditions

Use of water as heat transfer medium in condenser and evaporator allows complete energy balance to be carried out and performance to be measured accurately

Computer controlled system with automatic recording of process variables using an integral USB interface device

Compressor driven by three phase motor with inverter drive giving variable speed and output torque measurement

Measurement sensors include:

9 x Thermistor sensors measuring temperatures throughout the system

2 x Electronic flow meters measuring flow of water through the condenser and evaporator

2 x Electronic sensors and 2x Bourdon type refrigerant gauges measuring pressures  before and after the compressor

1 x Variable area flow meter measuring refrigerant flow rate

Supplied with large water reservoir to isolate the process from fluctuations in temperature or pressure in the mains water supply

Comprehensive instruction manual supplied.

Technical details:

Refrigeration system: Vapour-compression type using R134a refrigerant

Compressor speed range: 200 to 1050 RPM

Motor output power: 0.37 kW

Condenser & evaporator: Brazed plate heat exchangers using water as heat transfer medium

Water reservoir: Working capacity 400 litres

Temperature sensors: Thermistor type, range -10 to 60ºC

Refrigerant flowmeter: Variable area type, range 9 -38 l/hr

Electrical supply:

Single phase electrical supply: 220-240V 50Hz 13A

Overall dimension:

  • Volume: 1.1m 3
  • Gross weight: 125kg

Refrigeration unit (process)

  • Length: 0.95m
  • Width: 0.52m
  • Height: 0.50m

Water reservoir

  • Length: 1.2m
  • Width: 0.6m
  • Height: 0.84m

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