twostage compressor Vocational Educational Equipment Lab Experiment Bench

twostage compressor Vocational Educational Equipment Lab Experiment Bench

SR2112 two stage compressor Vocational Educational Equipment Lab Experiment Bench for college, vocational training center, university. 

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SR2112 two stage compressor Vocational Educational Equipment Lab Experiment Bench

Equipment composition:

Aluminum profile frame structure, bottom with universal wheel, flexible movement. The two-stage piston compressor is fixed in the frame with three cylinders and a cooling water system.

Principle introduction:

Compressed air for industry and businesses that use compressed air as an energy source is generated by means of so-called compressed air generation systems. A key component of these systems is the compressor. It converts the supplied mechanical energy into a higher air pressure. Compressed air generation systems are used to drive machines in mining, for pneumatic control systems in assembly plants or tyre inflation systems at petrol stations.

The air is sucked into the intake vessel and calmed there before it is compressed in two stages. The additional pressure vessel for intercooling is located between the first and second stage. After the second stage, the compressed air is pressed into another pressure vessel through a cooling tube. To achieve a steady state, the compressed air can be released through a blow-off valve with silencer. Safety valves and a pressure switch complete the system. Sensors measure the pressures and temperatures in both stages as well as the electric power consumption. A nozzle at the intake vessel serves to determine the intake volumetric flow rate. The measured values can be read on digital displays.

Experimental contents:

Thermodynamic experiments of two – stage compressors.

The temperature pressure contrast of the first – and second-order compression.

The bench allows the study of the thermodynamic aspects relative to the two-stage compressor.

The bench is composed of:

  • Alternative compressor.
  • Two-stage piston compressor.
  • Maximum pressure: 10 bars minimum.
  • Air flow rate: from 100L/min.
  • Reservoir capacity: 200L minimum.
  • 2 air-water exchangers for the two stages, with possibility of choosing co-current or countercurrent exchange.
  • Measurement sensors:
  • Flow rate sensor for measuring the cooling water flow rate.
  • Thermocouples for measuring air and water temperatures at different points.
  • Manometers for measuring the aspiration and the discharge pressures in each stage.
  • Air flow measurement sensor.
  • All the necessary accessories assuring the efficient functioning.

Power supply: 220V/380V/50Hz.

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