Two-Stage Axial Fan teaching aid equipment Hydrodynamics Lab Equipment

SR215 Two-Stage Axial Fan teaching aid equipment Hydrodynamics Lab Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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SR215 Two-Stage Axial Fan teaching aid equipment Hydrodynamics Lab Equipment


Axial fans are connected in series in plants to increase the pressure. In theory, connecting two fans in series doubles the pressure increase.

The trainer allows the investigation of a two-stage axial fan. A measuring device is used to determine the pressure and velocity distribution.

The trainer includes a measuring section with two identical axial fans. The carefully provided nozzle contour and a flow straightener at the air inlet ensure a uniform velocity distribution with little turbulence in the measuring section. The rotors are equipped with individual adjustable blades to change the angle The filter is equipped with outlet guide vane systems. The guide mechanisms redirect the angular momentum of the outflow in the axial direction and allow an increase in pressure. A pipe bend may optionally be installed to rotate the flow at the outlet of the Measuring section. One of the fans can be removed from the measuring section so that the remaining fan can be studied in individual operation.

The flow rate is measured via an inlet nozzle.

2.Technical details


investigate two-stage axial fan

2 identical single-stage fans in series configuration or individual operation

individually adjustable blades

fans both with variable speed via frequency converter

flow-optimised nozzle and flow straightener for smooth, low-turbulence flow

air flow in the pipe section can be adjusted via throttle valve

optional pipe bend at the outlet for flow deflection

measuring device with three-hole probe for determining the differential pressure on rotor and guide vane system

sensors for pressure and temperature upstream and downstream of each fan

volumetric flow rate measured via inlet nozzle

Technical data

2 fans

drive motor rated output: 3,45kW

max. pressure difference: 798Pa

speed: 0…2850min-1

blade angle adjustable up to 39°

Measuring section inner diameter: 400mm

Measuring ranges

temperature: 0…100°C

differential pressure: ±25mbar

radial position of the probe: 100…200mm

400V, 50Hz, 3 phases

400V, 60Hz, 3 phases

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