Twin Evaporator Skills Trainer Didactic Equipment Fridge Training Equipment

ZM7137 Twin Evaporator Skills Trainer Didactic Equipment Fridge Training Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZM7137 Twin Evaporator Skills Trainer Didactic Equipment Fridge Training Equipment

Assembly project for providing training on the assembly of refrigeration units

Refrigeration unit with 2 cooling devices

Cooling device activated using a thermostat

Air-cooled condensing unit with compressor

Assembly and commissioning of refrigeration components

Mechanical assembly of the rack for the unit

Hydraulic assembly of the refrigeration components as well as the associated pipe work

Condensing unit: power consumption: 190W,

refrigerating capacity: 319W at 5/32°C, fan:

power consumption: 33W,

Airflow rate: 380m³/h

Liquid collector 0.9ltr

2x Air-cooled evaporator: capacity: 470W,

heat exchanger surface area 0.55m², fan:

Max. airflow rate: 255m³/h

Thermostatic expansion valve, adjustable

Thermostat, adjustable from -5…35°C



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