Training model of practice of one-way air conditioner with ceiling and ceiling connection Didactic Equipment Fridge Training Equipment

Training model of practice of one-way air conditioner with ceiling and ceiling connection Didactic Equipment Fridge Training Equipment

ZM6310 Training model of practice of one-way air conditioner with ceiling and ceiling connection Didactic Equipment Fridge Training Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZM6310 Training model of practice of one-way air conditioner with ceiling and ceiling connection Didactic Equipment Fridge Training Equipment

  1. Overview
  2. The device adopts real household central air conditioning for practical training and evaluation: the system uses one to three units, which is characterized by excellent quality, small size, compressor, digital capacity adjustment solenoid valve to control the compressor through pressure to achieve unloading / load purpose. Corresponding to different terminal processors, it can realize the stepless adjustment of the capacity in the range of 10% -100% by changing the compressor unload / load ratio.
  3. System terminal processor diversification: three types of terminal processing units are used: patio (embedded), wall-mounted, and fan coil units; let students understand the diverse structure of indoor units.
  4. Each terminal processor is equipped with refrigeration system flow board, control circuit flow board, temperature gauge and pressure gauge, and all the control circuits of the unit can be observed.
  5. Integrity and independence of the system: the control function, protection function and display function of the home central air conditioner in practice are completely consistent, and each user terminal can be controlled independently under the same working condition.
  6. The operation console can be put into use only with AC power supply, which occupies a small area, saves space and reduces capital investment.
  7. The device intuitively displays the system structure and working principle of the home central air conditioner, which is convenient for teachers to explain and students to understand and master the textbook knowledge. The structure principle of the refrigeration cycle system and the actual objects of the main components are shown. Among them, the high-pressure pipeline and the low-pressure pipeline are painted in red and blue, and the sight glass is provided to observe the refrigerant state. Reasonable structure and beautiful appearance The device has reasonable and compact structure and beautiful appearance. The training table is also equipped with four universal wheels and four fixed adjustment mechanisms for easy movement and fixation.
  8. The training device system is equipped with a simulation fault setting function to set faults in the refrigeration system and electrical system. Improving students’ analytical ability through specific phenomena is helpful for students to apply theory to practice and develop their practical skills.
  9. Equipped with current-type leakage protection device, the ground leakage current exceeds a certain value, that is, tripping to cut off the power supply; and there are thermal protection devices to protect the compressor from overheating and overload.
  10. Technical parameters
  11. Input power: single-phase three-wire ~ 220V ± 10% 50Hz
  12. Working environment: Ambient temperature range is -5 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ Relative humidity < 85% (25 ℃) Altitude < 4000m
  13. Device capacity: <3.8kVA
  14. Dimensions: 4000mm × 1100mm × 2100mm
  15. Safety protection: with leakage voltage and leakage current protection devices, safety meets national standards

III. Product configuration

It fully demonstrates the structural form, control principle, parameter changes of the system in different operating conditions and the flow chart of the air conditioning and refrigeration system for the central air conditioner in the home.

  1. The frame is made of aluminum profile.
  2. One set of digital one-to-three units: the air-conditioning system uses 3 digital units on the market, and the indoor unit is composed of terminal processing units. One set of patio type (embedded), one set of wall-mounted type, and one set of fan coil constitute an indoor terminal unit processing system; let students understand the diverse structural forms of indoor units. Each terminal unit processing system is independent of each other.
  3. Three sets of intelligent temperature control system: intelligent temperature control can measure and display the temperature of the controlled object, adjust the upper and lower temperature settings, complete cooling, heating, shutdown and other functions; display working status and facilitate observation of the air-conditioned room Internal temperature, easy to operate.
  4. Work flow chart board: The work flow chart board details the refrigeration system flow, monitoring point temperature, system pressure, working status indication, and system component description.
  5. One set of measuring instruments: equipped with pointer vacuum pressure gauge, intelligent temperature controller, AC voltmeter, AC ammeter, etc.
  6. Practical training project
  7. Basic knowledge of outdoor unit electrical control principles
  8. Basic knowledge of indoor unit electrical control principles (three internal units)
  9. Refrigeration system flow principle
  10. The system operates in different working conditions
  11. System failure simulation settings
  12. Control of small electromagnetic induction valve
  13. Pressure high pressure protection device
  14. Central air conditioning cooling and heating process
  15. Communication between host computer and indoor unit
  16. Air conditioner fault code display
  17. Understand digital energy-saving control technology
  18. Installation and maintenance of household central air conditioners

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