Training Model for Automatic Door Teaching Equipment Automatic Training System

Training Model for Automatic Door Teaching Equipment Automatic Training System

ZM3168T Training model for automatic door teaching equipment automatic training system for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZM3168T Training Model for Automatic Door Teaching Equipment Automatic Training System

I.Technical specifications

  1. Manual/automatic control mode for hardware detection and program calibration.
  2. An open structure suitable for practical training.

I performance parameters

  1. Input power: AC220V plus or minus 10% (single phase three-wire);
  2. Machine power: < 1kVA;
  3. Dimensions: 1210 x 450 x 1030mm.


II.products involve courses

Sensor detection technology, programmable controller and its application, electrical control technology and so on.

III. Test content

  1. Machinery: mechanical installation and position adjustment of the device;
  2. Electrical: wiring of electrical components and the selection of motor;
  3. Sensor: selection and application of microwave sensor;
  4. PLC: PLC programming and application


V.Operating part and industrial box include:

– standard protection element: fuse power switch, magneto thermal circuit breaker, thermal relay.

– necessary accessories to realize 2 modes (run / stop)

Industrial PLC fully installed, from 12 to 32 digital inputs, and 24 digital outputs. With software for multi-stations.

– manual mode, door movement and security are controlled by electromagnetic logic

– automatic mode, the automate ensure the control of movement and security, the access dialogue by keyboard and all signalizations

Operative part is equipped by tilt door

Study all imposed security by the standards:

– photoelectric sensor with double output contact

– mechanical limit switch of opening and closing

– signalization light indicator of door movement

– light indicator for secure access zone

Movements are ensured by AC motor with gearbox with adjustable mechanical torque limiter.

Door driving is ensured by pinion and chain, guided on rails and roller, 220V AC + T

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