training bench for sensors Educational Equipment

ZM2103T training bench for sensors Didactic Equipment Educational Equipment for mechatronics laboratory in college, vocational training centers.

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ZM2103T training bench for sensors Didactic Equipment Educational Equipment


Sensor training equipment is widely applicable, intuitive is strong, the way is flexible, module structure, completely using industrial production actual sensor components, it is training innovation type, open system. It can make students know modern production test and control actual situation at school, through study and actual assembly, development  and design, students can master sensor technology all aspects application technology. It is easy for students start work when go to factory, exposing problems, solve problems, learn more practical knowledge and hand on ability, development thinking, and improve practical ability and actual operation ability, so that students after graduation can directly production practice, shorten the past when they graduate students practical ability weak defect, so as to adapt to requirements of modern measurement and control.

This training system not only for students, but also for industrial electrical, mechanical and electrical integration engineering, electrical and mechanical equipment installation, power electrical and electronic equipment installation, automation processing, regulation and control technology and technical personnel, for machinery manufacturing and electrical engineer training, the process and the process management electrical engineer training is the same.

If there is no sensor, automation production will be very difficult, therefore, sensor technology is main technology to improve productivity .

This sensor training system is designed to make students realize sensor control technology in automation system of importance and learn to select appropriate sensor in application.

Factory sensor training system enable students understand different types of sensor’s working principle and use method.

II.Technical paramter
1.Input power:~220V±10% 50Hz

2.Work environment: temperature -10℃~+40℃  humidity <85%(25℃) 

  1. Whole capacity:<0.2KVA
  2. Weight<150Kg
  3. Safety protection: with voltage leakage protection, current leakage protection, meet national standard.
  4. With frame structure, with cabinet, wheels at the bottom, brake and lockers for wheels.

7.Aluminum base panel

III.Consists of

– insulated material box

– front board with insulated material, with synoptic serigraphy of the schema and components

– power supply: 24 VDC/3A for inputs and outputs, protected against short circuits

– digital voltmeter to measure digital inputs and outputs

– 1 rotating selector to switch voltmeters inputs

– 4 analog inputs (±10 Vdc, ± 20mA)

– 1 input for PT100 probe

– 2 analog outputs (±10 Vdc, ± 20mA)

– 4 rotating potentiometers to establish analog references 0-10Vdc

– 24 standard digital inputs

– 16 digital outputs 24Vdc

– safety socket Ø2 and Ø4

bench for sensors and actuator:

For 2 users:

Mounted on rollers, equipped by a board to mount sensors and actuators, with drawers. Components must be industrial type

Equipped by electric control unit of low voltage composed by

– front panel by insulated material with synoptic serigraphy of the schema and inner components

– 24Vdc/2.5A power supply

– set of proximity sensors (24 Vcc, CE standards …) :

 . magnetic proximity sensors (PNP, NPN)

 . inductive proximity sensors (analog …)

 . photo electric proximity sensor

 . optic by reflect proximity sensor

 . capacitive proximity sensor ON/OFF type

 . ultrasound proximity sensor

 . limit switch with double contact NO + NC

– set of actuator and pre-actuator as follow:

 . actuators (simple stroke, double stroke, …)

 . rodless actuator (magnetic driving…)

 . rotating actuator

 . pneumatic motor

 . electrical motor

 . light indicators

 . light column

 . pneumatic distributor (5/2 monostable, 5/2 bistable, 3/2-NF, 3/2-NO …)

 . electro-distributor (5/2 monostable, 5/2 bistable, 3/2-NF, 3/2-NO )

 . relays

– a set of sensor/actuator ASi ( for ASI bus) composed by

 . power supply

 . sensor

 . electro-valves

 . actuators

 . adapter and cross connect

 . cross box

 . wires for special connections

 . connectors

 . sensors/actuators addressing module

Supplied with:

– set of accessories and spare parts

– set of different type, color and material samples

– multimeter

– adequate power supply

4 Experiment and training content can be finished

4.1 Various sensor switch feature experiment

(1)High frequency oscillation type proximity transducer switch feature experiment

(2)Static electricity proximity transducer switch feature experiment

(3)Photoelectric sensor switch feature experiment

(4)Optical fiber sensor switch feature experiment

4.2 Various sensor inductive experiment on different object

(1)Various sensor sensing distance experiment to different material object

(2)Various sensor sensing distance to different thickness object

(3)Various sensor response to different surface object experiment

4.3 Various sensor based motor speed test experiment

(1)Rotary encoder based DC motor speed test experiment

(2)Various sensor based DC motor speed test experiment

(3)Various sensor response to rotary object

4.4 Temperature controller experiment

  1. introduction to PLCs technique, control, connecting and automatic systems diagnosis close to the industrial environment

6.programming by different languages (ladder, structured literal, instructions list, functional blocs and grafcet)

7 human/machine dialog principles

Supplied with:

– set of accessories and spare parts

– set of different type, color and material samples

– multimeter

– adequate power supply

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