training bench for selectivity Didactic Equipment Teaching Equipment

training bench for selectivity Didactic Equipment Teaching Equipment

ST1102 training bench for selectivity Didactic Equipment Teaching Equipment Educational Equipment for electrical laboratory in university, college, vocational training centers.

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ST1102 training bench for selectivity Didactic Equipment Teaching Equipment

I.Product overview

1.1 overview

This system can simulate selective training system, so that students have a primary intuitive understanding of industrial safety electricity. To cultivate the students’ corresponding knowledge and skills, suitable for the teaching and skills training assessment of higher vocational colleges, vocational schools, secondary vocational schools and technical schools.

1.2 features

(1) training platform adopts aluminum frame type structure, measuring instrument and load module USES the way of hanging box installation, training power built-in integrated installation, each unit with flexible, easy to use, not easy to damage. The bottom is equipped with universal wheel, which can be moved flexibly.

(2) the experimental circuit and devices are fully configured and can be used in combination to complete the training contents of a variety of subjects.

(3) the training platform has a good security system.

1.3 performance parameters

(1) selective training platform device: all aluminum alloy structure, the shape size 600*600*1800mm (long width).

(2) rated voltage: 3 x 230 V / 400V; Frequency: 50 Hz; Security terminal: Ø 4 mm.

(3) power box unit: aluminum profile panel structure, power supply parts embedded installation, each module is installed on the aluminum alloy panel, the connection is convenient.

1.4 complete the experiment

(1) adjustable differential relay cognition experiment

(2) analyze the cause and effect of short circuit (experiment calculation model and protection selection)

(3) study the principle experiment of magnetic heat circuit breaker (release curve, release power)

(4) analysis of the difference between protection of the ascending and the protection of the downside

(5) Simulate all solution of selectivity (total, partial and non-selectivity)

(6) select the impedance experiment of the fault circuit through the modularized inductance structure

(7) restrict short circuit current experiment

(8) selective experiment of measuring current (at least 5 magnetic circuit breakers with different curves)

(9)Use adjustable differential relay

(10)Analyze differences between protection upstream and downstream

(11)Study selectivity notions with 2 or 3 stages (consequences and effects on an installation)

choose the impedance of the fault loop by modularly selves

(12)limit the short circuit current

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