Training Bench for Proportional Pneumatic Circuits Vocational Training Equipment Pneumatic Training Equipment

Training Bench for Proportional Pneumatic Circuits Vocational Training Equipment Pneumatic Training Equipment

ZMP1109 Training Bench for Proportional Pneumatic Circuits Vocational Training Equipment Pneumatic Training Equipment for college, vocational training center, university. 

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ZMP1109 Training Bench for Proportional Pneumatic Circuits Vocational Training Equipment Pneumatic Training Equipment       

I.Main features

  1. The design of single side experiment platform can satisfy two groups of students at the same time. The components, circuits and electrical control of the two sides are independently controlled, and the experiment is not interfered with each other.
  2. The modular structure design of structures, the experiment is simple, convenient, various pneumatic components into separate modules, with convenient installation plate, the experiment can freely on general aluminum plate, when assembling various experimental circuits, the operation is simple and convenient.
  3. Quick and reliable connection, easy installation and convenient connection.
  4. Standard industrial components, reliable edge and safety.
  5. The laboratory has a computer communication interface which can be controlled with PLC programming device;
  6. The gas source adopts the no-oil silent air compressor, which has the characteristics of low noise (< 55db). The gas is odorless and tasteless and clean and dry.
  7. Multiple control methods: single pneumatic control circuit, electric control pneumatic circuit with relay, PLC control pneumatic circuit, etc.

II.Training workbench

  1. The experimental platform adopts single side structure, which effectively saves the laboratory land and has a high cost performance.
  2. The laboratory bench is made of high quality steel frame and high quality cold rolled steel.

The lower part of the platform has components and tool-storage cabinets.

The actual training screen is specially designed for the special belt “T”, which can be easily and freely installed with pneumatic components and connected with the experimental circuit.

Pneumatic and electro-pneumatic trainer

– it is composed by stainless steel structure for mounting and must be provided fully equipped

– the bench should be mounted on rollers and equipped with drawers

– equipment must be industrial grade

Equipped by:

– power supply

– pneumatic group composed by: pressure regulator, manometer, filter, cross connect

– necessary tools for studying industrial pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and proportional electro-pneumatic

III.Experiment list

Basic pneumatic

1) function demonstration experiment of common pneumatic components;

2) common pneumatic circuit demonstration experiment:

3) the commutation circuit of the single-acting cylinder

4)The reverse circuit of the double acting cylinder

5) the speed regulation loop of single-acting cylinder (one-way, two-way)

The speed regulating circuit of inlet speed of double acting cylinder

7) the speed regulating circuit of the speed adjustment of the two acting cylinder

8) speed switching circuit

9) the buffer circuit of parallel throttle valve is adopted

10) interlocking loop

11) overload protection loop

12) unloading loop

13) single cylinder continuous reciprocating control loop

14) two – cylinder continuous reciprocating control loop

15) use the cylinder sequence of the stroke valve

16) double cylinder sequence action loop with electrical switch (magnetic switch, proximity switch)

17) multi-cylinder sequential action loop

18) two – cylinder synchronous motor loop

19) secondary pressure control circuit

20) high and low voltage conversion circuit

21)Counting loop

22) delay loop

23) the hand operating circuit

24) the application circuit of the valve

25) or the application circuit of the door – type shuttle valve

26) quick exhaust valve application circuit

Electro pneumatic with PLC


Basic pneumatic components for each bench :

– 2 switch buttons 3/2, normally closed

– 1 switch button  3/2, normally open

– pressure indicator with 2 colors

– manual selector 5/2

– push-pull button 3/2 normally closed

– roller operated valve 3/2  normally closed

– 2 proximity sensors, pneumatic fixed on the actuator

– 2 pneumatic temporizers, normally closed

– sequence valve

– unilateral 3/2 distributor, with pneumatic command

– unilateral 5/2 distributor with pneumatic command

– bi-lateral 5/2 bi-stable distributor, with pneumatic command

– OR logic function

– & logic function

– fast evacuating valve

– 2 unidirectional flow limiters

– simple effect actuator

– double effect actuator

– pressure filter-regulator with pressure supply distributor

– pressure regulator with manometer

– 2 manometers

– air cross connect

– 2 plastic hoses

– pneumatic motor

– pneumatic sequencer

Basic electro-pneumatic components for each bench:

– electric buttons module

– electric relays module

– temporized relays module

– electronic pre-selection counter module

– emergency stop button

– inductive proximity sensor

– capacitive  proximity sensor

– distributor terminal

-swing  check valve

– electro-distributor with LED

– manometer

– pressure supply distributor with filter pressure reducer

Pneumatic regulation components:

– electric buttons module

– push button normally closed

– proportional electro-distributor (5/3, …)

– electro-distributor with LED (5/3 normally closed, 3/2 normally closed, …)

– monometer

– unidirectional flow limiter

– pressure supply distributor with filter pressure reducer

– air cross connect

– plastic hoses

– linear actuator, with guidance and all necessary accessories

– PID regulator

– comparison card

– analog pressure sensor

– pneumatic capacitors

– status regulator

With pneumatic air compressor

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