Training Bench for Field Metwork PLC Training Equipment

Training Bench for Field Metwork PLC Training Equipment

ST1123 Training Bench for Field Metwork PLC Training Equipment Educational Equipment for electrical laboratory in university, college, vocational training centers.

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ST1123 Training Bench for Field Metwork PLC Training Equipment Educational Equipment

1 Product overview

1.1 Overview

This training workbench consist of PLC, inverter and training simulation module etc. PLC control object, through related experiments, students will be familiar with PLC basic using method, program software usage method, and inverter capacity and usage method. To cultivate students corresponding technical skills and knowledge. It’s suitable for teaching and technical training in technical schools, vocational training centers.

1.2 Feature

(1)Training workbench use industrial aluminum column structure frame, it include meter box and power box to test and measure technical parameter, it is easy to use and it is not easy to be broken.

(2) Equipped with components, students can make combination, and finish many training contents.

(3) Training workbench has high safety system.

1.3 Technical parameter

(1)  Input power: single phase, three wires, 220V±10% 50Hz

(2)  Dimension: 1200mm×700mm×1780mm

(3)  Whole capacity:<2.0KVA

(4)  Weight: <200kg

(5)  Work environment:<85% humidity

1.4 Product consist of

1.4. 1   Power control panel

Power control panel use aluminum structure metal panel, all close type boxes structure

1.4.2 Training workbench

Training workbench use aluminum structure. There are universal 4 wheels at the bottom of workbench, there are 2 breakers on wheel. The trainer can be moved or stop convenient . The workbench panel thick is 25mm high density substrate , there is high temperature high pressure anti-fire treatment process. It equip with three guide rail type drawer, 2 push and plug cabinet. The structure is sound and reliable, outlook is beautiful.

1.4.3  Power control panel

(1)Single phase, three wire power input, it has been tested by leakage breaker control, it has emergency stop button, you can cut off electricity when emergency. 

(2)Control panel has voltage meter, current meter to do output indicate, equip with 0-10V, and 4-20mA signal generator.

(3)It equipped with indicator, Europe power plug output, safety output sockets.

(4)Inner with  AC power supply, short circuit protection function.

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